Grumpy’s fishing report

Otis Daniels
The kayak anglers had some fun this weekend at Patrysberg and Vierkantklip. They caught a large variety of fish including horse mackerel, kob, blacktail and spotties.

The swell was bigger than the internet said and some of the kayakers had the best ride of their lives coming back to the shore, riding the wave from far right onto the beach without having to paddle. This sounds easier said than done though. The wave can easily turn the kayak sideways and then flip it resulting in hair raising moments when you get it wrong. This time around, and with lots of adrenalin, the guys made its safely home. Make sure to be at least 2 persons or preferably more so if one is in trouble that help is close at hand.

Fairly calm conditions with little wind are predicted for the week with strong south westerly winds predicted over the weekend in the afternoon.

The shark anglers where relatively quiet the last couple of weeks but this weekend turned out better. It is winter and the water is now probably at its coldest. It will stay like this usually until end of August. This also means that the cowsharks will come in to feed.

Gelhar Slabber took a group of anglers to Diepsloep, which is about 500m north of the Mile 8 parking area and just before Witklippe. As the name says Diepsloep is a deep patch of water with only a shore break. Cowsharks love this type of water and one can easily target them in such calm waters. The anglers fought the beast and about half an hour later they had the big cowshark on the beach. They used mackerel as bait.

Plenty reports of good shark fishing especially around the Mile 26 area were also received. Simen Andersen and Clinton Barnard reeled in some nice spotties. Although spotties are generally smaller than cowsharks and bronze whalers, don’t let the size fool you. They are strong fighters. Cowsharks have razor sharp teeth and they are capable of turning 180 degrees in an eye blink. Sometimes they regurgitate their stomach and one can see what they have eaten.

The ski boats are also getting kob at Vierkantklip and Mile 6 right up to Mile 14. This week should be nice for them as the swell will not be that big which makes for a very smooth ride.

Some nice sized fish were also caught right up against the Ugab river with some decent steenbras landed on white mussel.

Tight lines!