Punches to fly at 'King of the Ring' boxing night

Namibian talent
The 'King of the Ring' boxing night, to be hosted by the Namibian Boxing Academy at the Walvis Bay Indoor Sport complex is set for Saturday.
Nikanor Nangolo
The third edition of the King of the Ring Boxing Night will take place on Saturday at the Jan Wilken Indoor Sports complex in Walvis Bay.

Coach Phillip Müller, the founder of the Namibian Martial Arts Academy, said that the event being organised by The Namibian Boxing Academy (NBA) will host will deliver 23 bouts and three title fights. "The King of the Ring boxing championship serves the purpose of motivating fighters to work hard and earn the opportunity to challenge one another for the "King of the Ring" title with trophies up for grabs for the best male and female fighters. The boxers will fight for honour and there will also be an exciting line-up of entertainment.

The event will see a ladies' match between Salvane Araes (Swakopmund) and Erica Nawases (Khorixas). Namibian boxing champion Danny Boy Feliciano who popularly known as 'Feel the Pain', will face an opponent from Windhoek. Divas Uushona (from the Namibian Boxing Academy) will square off against William Mauha (Swakopmund), while Delano Muller (NBA) will fight Delcio Somseb (Khorixas).

Namibian Boxing Academy coach Kingston Peyohamba, welcomed the opponents from Khorixas. "We know you guys and gals are coming from far but we are unfortunately going to send you back with a beating. It will be an exhibition of skills, filled with knockouts."


The Junior 2022 Desert Storm kickboxing champion, Hirukevi Muhipa, will make his boxing debut at the King of the Ring Boxing Night. "I am quite excited about my first boxing match even though I will not be allowed to use my kicks. It is going to be a learning experience for me. I have been training very hard for a while now and I am ready to out-box my opponent and take the victory. I have put in the work and effort to make my boxing debut as good as possible and I am confident that I can beat my opponent, not to judge a book by its cover but at this point in time, I am sure that he won't last in the ring with me. I have dealt with and fought bigger guys than my opponent."

Delano who is a champion kickboxer and boxer, extended a word of appreciation to the organisers for making the event possible. "I think that this boxing competition will be very successful with a group of great boxers ready showing what they can do. This might be my last boxing fight and I do not intend to just give a win over me away. I am going to put on a show for everyone that will be there on Saturday."

Boxer Divas Uushona said he is ready for a great fight. "I had six weeks of training and I know this will be a great fight. My main focus will be to perform better than I did in my last fight, You all know we not going for a knockout but we want it to go a long way so that we give the fans a great fight,"

All invited

The president of the Namibian Kickboxing Federation (NKF) Anita De Klerk said the event brings together top boxers from all over the country. "National boxers will compete to attain bragging rights. The event will also provide boxers with an opportunity to lay their claim and hopefully become some of the top boxers in the country."

She invited the community to come in numbers, show support and fill up the venue. "Come and witness Namibia's finest boxers showcasing their talent."

The doors will open at 16:00 and the fights will commence at 17:00.