More fistball action in store

CFC in charge
The Fistball matches contested at the coast delivered some exciting action
Michelline Nawatises
The third Bank Windhoek national league tournament took place at the Swakopmund Football Club (SFC) sports grounds.

Seven teams participated in the adult category with all hoping to bag an extra 12 championship points. These teams are three from Cohen Football Club (CFC), two from Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW) and two from SFC. CFC I, SKW I,

SFC I and SFC II was up against each other in Group A. CFC II, SKW III, CFC III and SKW II went loggerheads to gain points in Group B. Helmo Minz, Media Relations officer says the winning team scored 12 championship points. He explains that all the teams who manage to top the first four places will make it to the national A league playoffs. The teams from the fifth to the ninth position will be grouped in the national B league playoffs. Two of the top three teams qualified for the semifinals namely CFC I and SFC I, whereas the final score was 3:1 in the favour of CFC I.

Currently CFC I are leading the log. CFC 1 was once again the tournament winner and thus secured participation in the National League A Playoffs. Minz who is also the captain says they try as a team to maintain their log position. He adds that he is confident to say that they will win the semifinal to advance to the final. Minz says the team which consists of five team players trains twice a week to discuss the game plan. He points out their strengths. “We are fortunate to have the strongest strikers of the league, we maintain teamwork to always be on the ball and to cover the field.”

More fistball action is in store for spectators at the Cohen cup tournament taking place in November and the National Cup Tournament scheduled for November 2022.

The Under 16's also battled it out in the Bank Windhoek Fistball League third round. Two teams from Swakopmund namely SFC A and SFC B and the other two from Windhoek namely SKW A and SKW B. SKW A and SFC A are only separated by a single point in the table.

Two teams in the u/13 division from SKW and one team from SFC also part took in the games.

In the U/16 category, SFC A was the best team while SKW A won the tournament in the U/13 category. The matches in the group of death A were unexpected. The underdog SFC 2 caused a major upset by beating the record champions SKW I with a 2:0. This is the first victory for the SFC II against the first team of the green-whites since the formation of the league in 1967. SKW I was only able to win one set in the remaining two encounters and therefore ended up in fourth place in the preliminary round. Ultimately, SKW I placed 5th and is 6 points behind club mates SKW 3 in the table, who are in 4th place. Since there is only one league round left, it will be very difficult for SKW 1 to qualify for the National League A Playoffs.

Group B

CFC II dominated. SKW III won against CFC III and finished second in the group ahead of the third team of CFC. In the semi-final between CFC I and SKW III, the defending champions won 2-0. It was closer in the second semi-final between SFC I and CFC II. Nevertheless, SFC 1 advanced to the final with a 2:1 win. A novelty for the Fistball players from the coast after the introduction of the new league format in 2018. In the final, CFC I started strongly and won the first set. After the change of sides, the fighting SFC I took advantage of the defensive weaknesses on the part of CFC I and equalized the result and, like in the preliminary round, inflicted another set defeat on the capital city team. In sets three and four, CFC I then stepped up a notch so that SFC I had to accept a 3:1 defeat. Nevertheless, SFC I collected ten important points in the championship race and moved from fifth to third place in the log.

U/13 and 16 categories

SFC A collected the most points on home soil and passed SKW A in the table. SFC B and SKW B took third and fourth place. In the U/13 category this time the guests from SKW A were unstoppable and secured the tournament victory. The second team of the SKW Juniors ended up in second place. SFC A, who won the second round of the league in Windhoek, had to settle for third place this time. Player of the day in the adult category was setter Christian Knobloch from SFC 2. Emma Hess was crowned player of the day in the youth division.

The fourth Bank Windhoek match day will take place again in Swakopmund on 23 July 2022.

Log Standing - Table after the 3rd league round

1. CFC I 36

2. CFC II 24

3. SFC I 22

4. SKW III 22

5. SKW I 16

6. SFC II 5

7. CFC III 3

8. SKW II 1

9. SKW IV 0


1. SFC A

2. SKW A

3. SFC B

4. SKW B


1. SKW A

2. SKW B

3. SFC A