Jonas Matheus wants a rematch

• Tobias open to talks
Boxer Jonas Matheus is demanding a rematch with fellow Namibian Mateus Heita, claiming that despite his opponent from the MTC Nestor Sunshine Academy being declared the winner, he still believes he won the fight.
Jesse Jackson Kauraisa

Boxer Jonas Matheus says he has had sleepless nights since last month’s fight against Mateus Heita, which he feels he should have won.

Matheus lost the fight on 27 May by unanimous decision. The win saw his opponent defending the World Boxing Association Pan African Super Bantam Title and claiming the vacant World Boxing Organisation Africa Super Bantam Title.

The boxer, coached by Tobias Nashilongo and Eliphas Namundjebo, put up one of his greatest performances in the ring, despite being outpointed by Heita.

A good fight

Matheus, however, still feels he won and says the judges were too lenient towards Heita.

Speaking on the popular Sport Wrap show on NTV, Matheus said he enjoyed the fight from start to the finish.

“The fight for me was nice and I think I won eight to seven rounds in that fight, out of 12.

“I think my fans and Heita’s fans are asking for a rematch.

“I am also willing and calling for a rematch with Heita, because I am not happy with the decision of the judges,” he said.

The boxer added that the only rounds Heita could have won were four.

Matheus also accused the judges of failing to make the correct decisions at the appropriate times during the fight.

“Judges are killing boxing, because they are not thinking about the boxers.

“The fight must just be fair and they must give it to the winner and not who they feel has won,” Matheus fumed.Nestor open for rematch

Mateus Heita’s promoter, Nestor ‘Sunshine’ Tobias, says a rematch is not out of the question, and said every boxer has the right to ask for one. He said the fight has to make financial sense however.

“I do not think that he won the fight, because a fight is about 12 rounds and one can say that Heita did well and not in just particular rounds.

“It was a close fight and we all lauded Matheus for putting up a great fight, but the judges decide who won the fight based on merit.

“I am, however, not against a rematch, as long as there will be a sponsor on the table and if a fight makes sense to both boxers.

“Promoting such a fight costs money and one cannot just say yes, there will be a rematch, until there is sense to it,” Tobias said.

Box ticked

Heita’s promoter feels the boxer has achieved what he wanted - the title. Tobias feels that there are bigger opportunities for Heita ahead, after claiming the famous victory in Walvis Bay. Heita, who admitted that he fought a very difficult fight, is also looking forward to a flourishing career.

“It was the toughest fight of my career and I am sure it will pave the way forward for me now.

“I just want to continue improving my skills and become a world champion on day,” he said.