First priority is unity - Shimooshili

• New NFA urged to work together
Just-elected NFA president Robert Shimooshili says he will try his best to ensure that there will never be a need for another Fifa Normalisation Committee.
Jesse Kauraisa
The newly elected Namibia Football Association (NFA) president, Robert Shimooshili, has urged Namibia's football fraternity to work together.

Shimooshili was elected president of the NFA on Friday after garnering 19 votes out of 34 available votes, defeating rival Patrick Kauta and his slate, which got 15 votes.

The businessman and Blue Waters chairman will now have to relinquish his position as the leader of the Walvis Bay-based club and shift his focus to the NFA. "What I will try to do in my first months is make sure that unity is there. The plan has always been to make sure that there is longevity in the football leagues of this country," Shimooshili said.

Focus on the sport

Deputy minister of sports in Namibia, Emma Kantema-Gaomas, encouraged the football fraternity to stick together. She emphasised that football has to remain free of infighting to improve the lives of those who depend on it.

Kantema-Gaomas said the football association will need to address its issues independently, without government interference. Outgoing Fifa Normalisation Committee (NC) chairperson Bisey Uirab also expressed hope that the new leadership will continue efforts to restore the game in the country. "The Normalisation Committee has done its part, and now we hope that the football will continue,” he said.

"The institution that the new executive is inheriting is an association that has debts. As the NC, we did manage to change policies and all,” he added. "We wish that there will be harmony, as alluded to by the incoming president," Uirab said.

New leadership

The Namibia Football Association now consists of:

Robert Shimooshili (president), Murs Markus (vice-president), Laurance Tommy Kandundu (ordinary member, North West First Division), Joseph Hailombe (ordinary member, Ohangwena Region), Precious Chaka (ordinary member, Zambezi Region), Samwel Kamuyoyo (ordinary member, Kavango East Region), Egidius Mangundu Nambara (ordinary member, Kavango West Region), Michael Situde (ordinary member), and Monica Shapwa (member of the women's desk).