Fighting for Namibia

Jonas explains his choice
Namibian amateur boxer Jonas Junias Jonas has revealed that his love of fighting for his country is the reason he has remained in amateur boxing for so long.
Jesse Jackson Kauraisa
Jonas Junias Jonas has hinted over the past two Olympics at turning professional, but that has not been the case as he has remained devoted to fighting under the colours of his nation.

The boxer says turning professional has always been on his mind, and it’s a move he is seriously considering at last.

There have been many articles written about the fighter turning pro, but the Commonwealth gold medalist has always made a U-turn at the last minute.

"It is not always that I do not want to turn professional. Sometimes I just remain at the amateur level because I want to see more boxers get into this setup who are capable of emanating what I have accomplished.

"It is that love for fighting for my country at this level that has made me stay this long at this level," Jonas said.

Time is crucial

Now at the age of 29, the pressure has been on the talented Namibian boxer to turn professional, as many still believe he could become the real deal given his experience in an Olympic style of boxing.

There are hints that the Swakopmund-based former champion has begun training and is in talks with the outside professional world.

"I do train with Harry Simon Jr, and we actually have bigger plans that we will not be able to disclose now until the time is right.

"It is always better to stay low-key and work hard in the gym until the right opportunities present themselves.

"For those wondering when I will turn pro, they could be in for a surprise next year," Jonas remarked.

In good hands

He previously won gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia and silver at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Scotland.

The boxer also has an Olympic appearance to his name after having represented Namibia at the Rio 2016 Olympics as well as the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Jonas holds African medals, including a silver he won at the Africa Games in 2015 and a bronze in Morocco in 2019.

"It is hard to leave something until you see that it is in good hands and good boxers that can actually represent and win medals for us at the Commonwealth or even the Olympics."

Jonas still hopes his skill and techniques can be passed on to the younger boxers in order to claim the highest boxing title at the Commonwealth level, which he obtained in 2018.