Poor turnout for march against drugs

Tired of drugs
A small number of community members pitched to a community demonstration against drugs.
Leandrea Mouers
Only a handful of residents pitched at a peaceful demonstration against drugs.

Local councillor and community activist Ryan Gordon accompanied by his family as well and a couple of community members walked through the street of Narraville, chanting ‘no more drugs’.

“We wanted to make a statement that we are tired of drugs in Walvis Bay. We are here for those kids using drugs and the parents suffering because of the drugs. Somebody needs to stand up against the drug dealers. We have to take a stand as a community. If we don’t stand up nothing will happen. Even if I have to demonstrate alone, or if we are only five, we will not stop until the drug dealers drugs stop.”

Gordon said that the police and the community know exactly where the drug dealers operate. “We know exactly who the drug dealers are. The police know who they are, the drug squad, the neighbourhood watch and the community knows them. I don’t know why we are afraid of these criminals. They are not God.”

Gordon added that it was sad that the community did not pitch. “Despite this, I will not stop. We will continue to fight this fight. Where are the churches? We need our church leaders to get involved, the police, drug squad, the reservists and the neighbourhood watches.”

According to Gordon, there are more ‘runners’ (delivery boys) than dealers in the harbour town. “Cocaine, mandrax, marijuana and the use of rocks is rife in Walvis Bay. We have a lot of dealers, who are making use of runners. These are children as young as 10 years old to transport parcels of N$20 or N$50 worth of drugs. When we arrest these children, they refuse to tell us who the dealers are."

The Narraville Community Against Crime, started with operations earlier this week. A number of people were arrested for drug dealing and possession of drugs.