MVA hosts case management conference

The Motor Vehicle Fund of Namibia (MVA) hosted a two-day case management conference in Swakopmund.
Michelline Nawatises
The Motor Vehicle Fund of Namibia (MVA) hosted a case management conference in Swakopmund recently.

The conference which is hosted annually on a rotational basis by the four MVA Sister Funds in the SADC (Namibia, South Africa, Botswana and Eswatini) as per their multilateral agreement is to benchmark with various experts and stakeholders.

According to the funds Chief Executive Officer, Rosalia Martins-Hausiku, these are individuals and institutions who hold vast knowledge, skills, and experience in the medical treatment, injury management, rehabilitation, and long-term care of persons injured in vehicle crashes which is essentially what case management is all about. “Case management begins from the moment a person is involved in a motor vehicle crash is admitted into hospital and further includes aspects such as hospital management, rehabilitation management and life enhancement, until the person is reintegrated back to either the community, work or school,” says Hausiku. The Case Management Conference is also in line with the Fund's focus on Rehabilitation with the client taking centre stage.

One of the core objectives of the conference was to identify strategies required to better coordinate and strengthen cooperation amongst key stakeholders to ensure standardisation of Case Management approaches and to refine the customer-centric approach to Case Management. “To achieve these deliverables, Sister Funds must collaborate with key strategic partners for effective and efficient case management of our clients. It is for this purpose that together as Sister Funds, we came up with the annual Case Management Conference which allows us to continuously build, engage, leverage and maintain good relationships for the realisation of our set objectives,” says Hausiku.

Erongo Governor, Neville Andre who delivered the keynote address at the event said that crash statistics collected by the MVA Fund show that Erongo region is one of the six high crash regions in Namibia with a high risk of fatalities and serious injuries. Statistics further show that over the past four years (2019 to 2022) the Erongo Region recorded 1119 road crashes, which resulted in 1735 injuries and 125 fatalities. “In light of this, the Erongo region accounts for 10% of the crashes on average annually, with injuries and fatalities accounting for 9% and 7% respectively.”

Andre added that it is saddening to learn that the majority of those involved in motor vehicle crashes are persons between the ages of 21 – 35 years. “These are young people at the peak of their youth who are in the prime of their most productive years. It is therefore relevant that the MVA Funds in SADC are deliberating on a common cause to help clients on their rehabilitation journey and recovery after a motor vehicle crash.”

David Am -!Gabeb, deputy mayor of Swakopmund says that international and regional benchmarking events of this nature are important because they ensure world-class services to the Namibian people. “It is through events such as these that lessons are learned and experiences shared thereby improving the quality of service offered to the public. I believe that the lessons from this conference will make a positive impact on the lives of those whom you serve.”

He further commended the fund on its commitment to quality service delivery to its clients. “The MVA fund’s passion and dedication to continue delivering services to support customers in achieving their rehabilitation goals are remarkable. This conference is a clear demonstration of your commitment and efforts to give the absolute best service to the Namibian people.”