Meat Board launches new conditions

All relevant parties must familiarise themselves with the new permit and producer registration conditions set by the Meat Board of Namibia for trading in meat and meat products.

According to the Meat Board, it was established as a statutory body by the Meat Industry Act to, among other things, exercise control over the exportation, importation and transit of controlled livestock, meat and meat products derived from cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.

"The Meat Board issues permits for such trading in meat and meat products under conditions determined by the Meat Board from time to time."

Take notice

At its meeting on 11 November, the Meat Board amended certain permit conditions and producer registration conditions.

It said that the public and all entities involved directly or indirectly in the conveyance and trading of controlled livestock, meat and meat products, are hereby informed that the new permit conditions as well as producer registration conditions will take effect on 1 February.

Relevant persons are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these new conditions available on the Meat Board website and at its head office in Windhoek.

New rules

The Meat Board said that it will implement standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the management of such permits as of 1 February.

The SOPs prescribe requirements for permit issuance, among other aspects.

The public, exporters and importers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these procedures and contact the Meat Board for any enquiries or further assistance.