Who can you call?

Otis Daniels_Finck
A counselling hotline has been launched to help girls and women who are in distress and who need someone to talk to.

In a media statement by the Blessed Is She project, the initiators said the hotline will provide confidential phone counselling to girls and women across the country, 24/7. It aims to help girls and women in Namibia “establish their purpose and restore their identities”.

The initiative is run by Change of Life Style (C.O.L.S), a registered non-governmental organisation that offers mentoring programmes.

“The counselling hotline was birthed after we received multiple enquiries of girls and women who just needed someone to talk to when they felt trapped and alone. This initiative also serves as a proactive approach in light of the recent protests to curb and speak out against gender-based violence which has plagued our country,” Blessed Is She Founder, Nicole Willemse, said.

Willemse added that the hotline is a safe platform where girls across the country can not only talk to a friend over the phone about any concerns they have, but also receive immediate assistance to the extent that they are able to provide at the time.

She said that the counselling includes dealing with various problems such as feeling anxious, angry, fearful, distressed, or alone.

“A team of eight counsellors with backgrounds in psychology and social work are equipped and ready to offer professional help,” she said, adding that girls and women throughout the country can contact 081 738 8399 or 085 760 4000.