Walvis Bay mayor takes stock

Walvis Bay has experienced phenomenal growth since its reintegration.

10 November 2020 | Local News

Immanuel Wilfred; Mayor; “. . . the need is still there for more schools to be built.”

The mayor of Walvis Bay, Immanuel Wilfred, highlighted a number of growth and development initiatives which he said had transformed the harbour town after its reintegration during the last ordinary council meeting.

Wilfred said it is an eye opener to see how far Walvis Bay has come since its integration.

“A long road still lies ahead, but if all stakeholders (residents, the business community and investors) work together we can continue making Walvis Bay an oasis of opportunity.”

New suburbs

Wilfred said more than 10 new townships, primarily residential, have been established in Walvis Bay over the past 26 years.

He listed new extensions to the suburb of Langstrand, Dolphin Beach, including Aphrodite Beach, Green Valley on Farm 37 and several extensions to Kuisebmond including the Tutaleni residential area.

Sections of the Old Hostel were also renovated and the Single Quarters were phased out.

Residential development also occurred under the Mass Housing Development Programme and Massive Urban Land Servicing Programme, and the PPP Housing development.

Houses were also constructed under the auspices of the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN) supported by the municipality.

Shack Dwellers

The mayor highlighted efforts by the SDFN in particular to assist the landless.

“The SDFN has built 5 300 houses nationwide since inception and secured land for an estimated 6 300 families up to the beginning of 2020.”

The federation is supported by the Namibia Housing Action Group (NHAG) and has developed an incremental approach to accessing land, adding services and infrastructure and constructing houses since its inception in 1992. This process is competently community-driven.

In addition to its advocacy role on behalf of those in need of housing, the federation is also playing an increasing role in the delivery of the national housing policy for low-income households.


The mayor listed notable developments in the industrial or commercial sector.

“The establishment of the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) created a platform for a number of companies to positively contribute to the town and country's economy. Light industrial areas have been established, an ultra-modern container terminal, as well as an oil terminal, have been completed and we witnessed the opening of a Peugeot Assembly Plant in Namibia.”

The Single Quarters was also redevelopment into an informal trading area.

Most recently ­residents witnessed the ­opening of Dunes Mall and the ­completion of a new tarred double road behind Dune 7.

An interesting number of hotels such as the Pelican, Blue Whale, Bay View, City Centre Hotel, Flamingo Villa and many more accommodation establishments have also been erected.

Restaurants, gyms and the development of Independence Beach has boosted the number of recreational activities as well as the flow of tourists to the city prior to the arrival of Covid-19.


A number of public as well as private schools have been built in Walvis Bay.

“However, the need is still there for more schools to be built as statistics show more than 400 pre-schoolers are on waiting lists to be accepted as Grade 1s, yet there are no available spaces at the moment.”

Over the past 27 years, council provided institutional erven to the Namibia University of Science of Technology (NUST), the University of Namibia (UNAM), International School, Windhoek Gymnasium as well as the recent Erf 5654 in Kuisebmond to three youth groups that will be used as a youth/vocational centre.

Other ­developments

A new police station with offices was opened in Kuisebmond as well as a satellite police office at Dolphin Beach. Plans for a new fire station with a satellite office located in the northern parts of Kuisebmond are underway.

The Navy Base has seen positive improvement and growth, and continues to expand.

Go and vote

The mayor encouraged registered voters to go out and exercise their democratic right to vote on 25 November.

“Remember that to exert change is to make your voice heard and the only way to make your voice heard, is by voting.”

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