Two in a row for WB Hardware & Building Supplies

16 October 2021 | Sports

Woermann Brock Hardware & Building Supplies lifted the Namib Diesel Social League 2021 trophy for the second consecutive year.

Namib Diesel sponsored the tournament and Jaco de Witt confirmed at the prize giving that they would do so again next year.
There is no doubt that everyone is already eagerly looking forward to it. During the last round on 25 September, Woermann Brock Hardware & Building Supplies were the clear winners with 29 points ahead of their nearest rival. A great team that used a minimal number of reserves and played well.

The prize giving was held after play and prizes were dished out to the following:

• Namib Diesel Trophy 2021 – Woermann Brock Hardware and Building Supplies, 2nd Place - Lagoon Chalets and 3rd Place – FCS

• Most improved players - Ladies: Andrea Louw; Men: Cecil Humphries

•Sportsmanship - Ladies: Anet Wolmarans; Men: Lesley Bosman

• Best team spirit: Supatronix

• Best dressed: Bitstream

• Drama Queen Award: Luke Allen

The social after all the niceties was definitely one for the books. Finally, being able to let one’s hair down after many months of lockdown was clearly a release needed by everyone. Thanks to Buccaneers for making it possible and a great success.
The Supatronix Doubles league is commencing soon.

The final points standing:

1st – Woermann Brock Hardware & Building Supplies 148; 2nd – Lagoon Chalets 119; 3rd – FCS 116; 4th – Bitstream 109; 5th – Gateway Logistics 107; 6th – Namib Ventures 96; 7th – Namib Diesel 90 and 8th – Supatronix 55.

The results for the final round were as follows:
Woermann Brock Hardware & Building Supplies [20] vs Bitstream [10].
1.Brandon Grane bt Cecil Humphries 3-1. Cecil wasn’t willing to keep up the pace.
2.Christopher Hill bt Leslie Bosman 3-2. Whoa! What a feather to stick in one’s cap. Downing the boss in a monumental battle. The last game going Chris’ way 17-15.
3.Trevor Heath bt Ricardo von Stein 3-0. Hmm. It’s not only elephants that don’t forget. For Trev it was sweet revenge.
4.Carla Venter bt Jakkie Nel 3-2. Jakkie just didn’t have the oomph to keep up with Carla.
5.Hendrina Louw bt Anna Maria Venter 3-1. Andrea had to pull out all the stops to take down Anna Maria.
6.Esmeralda Dames lost to Chantel van Rooyen 1-3. Essie had to forfeit the match due to an injury.

Namib Diesel [12] vs Namib Ventures [18]
1.Angelo Titus lost to Emil Dorgeloh 1-3. A good thumping win.
2.Luke Allen lost to Chantel de Gouveia 1-3. Luke just ran out of gas.
3.Jaco de Jager lost to Dirk Bosman 0-3.
4.Doyle de Haas bt MC Engelbrecht 3-0. Doyle fine-tuned and is ready for the game.
5.Andre Burger bt Anet Wolmarans 3-0. No fuel blockages for Andre.
6.Charmaine Kandombo lost to Diana Meyer 0-3. Diana ended the socials with a good run behind her.

Gateway Logistics [14] vs Supatronix [16]
1.Richard van der Meer lost to Gerhard Lottering 0-3. Top 3 woes for Gateway.
2.Craig Hearn lost to Marchellino Koopman 0-3.
3.Chris Briyns lost to Bertus Fokkens 1-3.
4.Cronje Grane bt Lindsay Lottering 3-0. Cronje saving some face for the team.
5.Christelle Eiman bt Chrijzaan Dreyer 3-0.
6.Amanda Botes bt Lindi Dreyer 3-2. Man, I bet this win was an excellent way to end off the league for her.

FCS [6] vs Lagoon Chalets [24]
1.Robert Schaaf lost to Trevor Grane 1-3.
2.Louw Greyvenstein lost to Jaco Greeff 0-3.
3.Dirk Kotze lost to Sharde Fisher 0-3.
4.Alan Hartung lost to JC Platt 0-3. JC played like a star throughout the league.
5.Zola Nel bt Mark Rees 3-2. Zola overcame a giant hurdle to take this match.
6.Jacoline van der Merwe lost to Heibri-Ann Hartung 2-3. Heibri proved she was not to be underestimated.

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