06 October 2020 | Fishing

Tuesday, 6 Oct





Wednesday, 7 Oct





Thursday, 8 Oct





Friday, 9 Oct





Saturday, 10 Oct





Sunday, 11 Oct





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Best fishing:

Friday, 9 October

from 13:55 to 14:57

Saturday, 10 October

from 15:56 to 16:58

Sunday, 11 October

from 17:48 to 18:50

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Tuesday, 1 December High 03:53 Low 09:34 High 15:54 Low 21:55 Wednesday, 2 December ...

Grumpy’s fishing report

4 days ago - 01 December 2020 | Fishing

The full moon always brings some good luck for anglers as it results in the high tide being super high and the opposite happens for...

Namibian hake industry makes history

1 week ago - 25 November 2020 | Fishing

The Namibia hake trawl and longline fishery has become the first in Namibia, and the second in Africa, to meet the globally recognised standard for...


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Tuesday, 24 November Low 05:30 High 12:02 Low 18:22 High 00:37 Wednesday, 25 November Low...

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The clean or clear looking water along the shores contributed to the tough fishing conditions this past week. There is however a little bit...

Kawana, Seaflower moet vergader

1 week ago - 21 November 2020 | Fishing

Windhoek ∙ [email protected] ’n Vakbondleier pleit in ’n e-pos aan die ministerie van visserye en mariene hulpbronne dat kwotas aan Seaflower Pelagic Processing...

Grumpy’s fishing report

2 weeks ago - 17 November 2020 | Fishing

The cleaner water made fishing conditions a bit tougher. There were however some decent big fish caught with one such beast caught at the Super...

‘Fishcor-bestuur saboteer ons rol’

2 weeks ago - 14 November 2020 | Fishing

Windhoek · [email protected] Spanning bou op tussen die raadslede van die National Fishing Corporation of Namibia (Fishcor) en die bestuur en aandeelhouers van dié...

Grumpy’s fishing report

3 weeks ago - 10 November 2020 | Fishing

The long awaited and much anticipated arrival of the snoek finally materialized with this delicious delicacy being caught by the deck loads. A deck load...

Tunacor to buy Samherji’s Heinaste vessel

3 weeks ago - 09 November 2020 | Fishing

Windhoek · [email protected] Tunacor has bought Samherji’s controversial fishing vessel, the Heinaste, for N$18 million, but a legal battle is looming from a section...

Latest News

‘Atomic Bomb’ followers demand bail...

1 day - 03 December 2020 | Local News

Walvis Bay •[email protected] Members of Eternal Glory Ministries held a peaceful demonstration in front of the magistrate’s court in Walvis Bay. They demanded...

Safari by CBK to feature...

1 day - 03 December 2020 | Events

Swakopmund • [email protected] Well-known designer Kaino Ipuleni Matheus (30) of Couture by Kim, features her CBK Safari line at this year’s MTC Windhoek Fashion...

’n Groep talentvolle musici bied...

1 day - 03 December 2020 | Art and Entertainment

Christa Lambrechts, leier van 'n vioolskool en leier van die Young Strings and Strings Attached, sal die gehoor wys hoe musikale vordering oor die jare...

‘Pause’ to kick off Dance...

1 day - 03 December 2020 | Art and Entertainment

Swakopmund • [email protected] Factory Swakopmund hosts the “Pause” dance production at the Namib Primary School hall on Friday.According to one of the choreographers, McBreaton Pieters,...

Baxu, The White Line soar...

1 day - 03 December 2020 | Art and Entertainment

Swakopmund • [email protected] Acclaimed Namibian films The White Line and Baxu & The Giants keep raking in awards.Both films have been nominated for Africa...

Music to your ears

1 day - 03 December 2020 | Art and Entertainment

Walvis Bay • [email protected] most eagerly anticipated albums of 2020 have finally been released.The multi-award winning Top Cheri (Monica Pinias), Jericho (Jerome Gawanab) as well...

Vakansiesport met Sandman ingelui

1 day - 03 December 2020 | Sports

Die jaarlikse FNB Sandman-­triathlon sal Sondag, soos die afgelope 36 jaar, by die Mole op Swakopmund plaasvind.OTB Sport, wat dié byeenkoms ­organiseer, sê vanjaar is...

Farmworkers’ wages improve

1 day - 03 December 2020 | Agriculture

Windhoek ∙ [email protected] total remuneration package for farmworkers in Namibia’s commercial agriculture sector has more than doubled over the past 16 years.In 2020, commercial farmworkers...

Poaching out of control

1 day - 03 December 2020 | Crime

Karibib • Erwin Leuschner Kühne Security and Anti-Poaching Unit (K-SAPU) has been very busy for the past three months. “Poaching and cattle theft...

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