Tide of Covid-19 despair stemmed

Otis Daniels_Finck
“Namibia have been able to curtail and suppress the pandemic tthrough concerted actions that were put in place, with the cooperation of the Namibians and by the grace of God,” says president Hage Geingob.

The president added that although the war against Covid-19 is not yet over, inroads are being made towards recovery.

“We have stemmed the tide of despair and can see on the horizon the hope of a return to normalcy,” the president proclaimed in his 35th National Covid-19 update.

Geingob commended all Namibians for their compliance and cooperation, to this end.

He pointed out that information and data gathered by the National Covid-19 Dashboard Monitoring Cluster for the period from 16 September 2021 to yesterday, 14 October 2021, indicates that Namibia has been observing a marked decline in the number of new confirmed Covid-19 cases and deaths.
“The subsiding number of cases is attributable to a number of factors, particularly public compliance to the Covid-19 Public Health Regulations. We should not take this respite for granted. It takes active steps to bring about a reduction in the numbers and it will require active steps to ensure that the trend is maintained.”

The president also said that the Covid-19 vaccination coverage is showing signs of progress, especially in the regions that have borne the brunt of the pandemic historically, such as Hardap, //Kharas, /Khomas and Erongo.

“During the period, we recorded an average vaccine uptake of 2,871 doses per day. This figure has declined compared to the daily uptake a month ago. There is need to do more on this regard and get more people vaccinated.”

Nationally, vaccination coverage currently stands at 19.5 percent of total population for those who have received their 1st dose, while 15 percent of the population, today, are fully vaccinated.

The president implored all eligible Namibians to come forward and get vaccinated.

“We have a collective responsibility to ensure that all Namibians are as safe from the spread of COVID-19. Thus, getting vaccinated is our responsibility to ensure the safety and preservation not only of Namibia’s citizens, but humanity at large.”