Three lucky Namleisure winners

Otis Daniels_Finck
Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) ran a social media giveaway competition during the second half of October on all its social media pages. Participants had to enter by liking NWR’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, tagging five friends and sharing the post.

The giveaway saw Kaarina Esther Muule win the first prize of a Namleisure family card, while Jo-Ann Katamila and Elia Mukundu won a Namleisure plus and Namleisure solo card, respectively.

Elizabeth Johannes, NWR’S Online Media Officer, says, “the social media giveaway was our way of rewarding our social media followers that have been following us over the years. The giveaway assisted NWR in its continuous effort to promote the brand and raise awareness of our Namleisure cards.”

She added that the giveaway helped NWR grow their network and build an audience that boosted NWR’s social media engagement. “Our Instagram gained 900 new followers, while the competitions post reached 47 000 people on Facebook and had over 56 000 impressions, Twitter reached 26 000 people and had over 2000 engagements.”

NWR Managing Director Dr Matthias Ngwangwama, that the Namleisure card was created to encourage Namibians to travel and learn more about the country. “With December approaching, we are currently running an online Namleisure special for Namibians and SADC members. With this special, clients purchasing Namleisure cards online will get a 20% discount on the card. The card offers you 50% off on accommodation, 25% off on meals and activities. With Covid-19 still amidst us, this is a way of thanking the Namibian nation for having sustained us during these difficult times.”