The snoek is finally here

Otis Daniels_Finck
Swakopmund • [email protected]

Snoek catches have improved significantly. According to ski-boat operators, the snoek are also moving closer and to shallower water depths.

Several ski-boat operators left early on Monday from the Mole launch area and arrived back at lunch time with loads of snoek. Those who targeted kabeljou were not so successful.

Rainer Horn a skipper on ski-boat ‘Thunder’ and his crew arrived at the fish-cleaning spot in the vicinity of the fisheries ministry in Swakopmund just after 13:00 and offloaded their snoek haul. “The snoek are running well, and they are getting closer,” he told Erongo. According to him, catches of this sought-after game fish caught with a lure and line, and hauled in by hand, started picking up before the weekend.

‘Thunder’ rolled out about 21 nautical miles West of Swakopmund before hitting the right spot. Other ski-boats followed and were also rewarded.

“We are looking forward to a good season,” said Horn.

Haasman Dames of ski-boat ‘O-noi’ was grateful for his small haul of kabeljou. “There have been better days. It’s a little late this year but the catches are picking up. The fish are small in size at the moment – pan-sized. Not what we used to.”

The ski-boat operators do business for commercial purposes, while also taking out people interested in landing “that big one”. Contact numbers can be obtained from Google or on social media.