Taxi-tariff guide gives legal footing

No more chancers
Otis Daniels_Finck
Walvis Bay • [email protected]

The recently published taxi-tariff guide by the Namibia Bus and Taxi Association (Nabta) to accompany the official taxi-tariff hike of 9,2% that came into effect last December, will give both taxi-operators and passengers a legal footing when it comes to payments, according to Nabta secretary general Pendapala Nakathingo.

He told Erongo 24/7 on Friday that the guide was published for Walvis Bay especially considering that there are many disputes between taxi operators and customers over payments and charges for taxi services.

Nakathingo said that often customers would cheat the driver to take them all the way home, but instead of paying the full fare, they would pay less. It was also the other way around, he explained: taxi operators would sometimes charge customers more than was required for a service.

In the past there was apparently no clear documentation for either party to use as reference, but because of Nabta’s attempt to improve its service delivery to both its members (operators and owners) and their customers, it published a detailed guide which indicates the price chargeable and payable for a specific route and distance. It even includes transportation fares to Swakopmund.

“Operators and passengers do not have to take each other for a ride anymore when it comes to taxi-fares, because the tariffs are now clearly stipulated for reference,” he said, adding that this was the first time such a guide had been published, and is expected to roll out the reach of the information contained therein to other regions. “This is for the protection of both parties.”

The booklet has also been delivered to all the traffic law enforcement offices in the district, and region, for ease of reference. “If there is a dispute, then it can be settled quickly,” Nakathingo concluded.