Security cluster shares challenges


02 August 2021 | Police

Tobias Gerber; Deputy police commissioner; “Most cases reported by the security cluster are related to the curfew…”

Walvis Bay • [email protected]

The security cluster continues to face challenges in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Deputy commissioner Tobias Gerber briefed the minister of home affairs, Dr Albert Kawana as well as the inspector general of the police, lieutenant general Sebastian Ndeitunga, who were on an official two-day mission to Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.

Gerber said that as of 31 July, 129 Nampol officers, 58 Namibia Defence Force members and 45 Namibia Correctional Services (NCS) personnel members were deployed to eight towns in the Erongo region, along with 16 vehicles.


He said that currently, four members from Nampol are in quarantine and five from NCS.

“The cumulative number of members that were in quarantine (self and mandatory) is 55, including five members from NCS.”

He added that the cumulative number of positive Covid-19 cases among members, is 58 from Nampol, five from NCS, and one each from NCS and Immigration.

“There are currently 22 active cases from Nampol and one from NCS. Nampol has also lost three members to Covid-19,” he said.

In terms of trial awaiting inmates, the total positive Covid cases amount to 13 in Swakopmund, 23 in Omaruru and one in Narraville.

“There are currently three active cases in Swakopmund amongst trial awaiting inmates and one active case in Narraville. A total of 33 inmates have recovered from Covid-19 at Swakopmund and Omaruru. No deaths have occurred.”


Gerber said that informal settlements and shopping areas remain a challenge in terms of the general situation in the Erongo region.

“This is due to overcrowding and minimal space. The administrative environment, such as the charge office and travelling permits office remains the main source of transmission. Self-care remains the best tool against infection.”

He reported that the security cluster recently received a donation of sanitiser.

“We are grateful for this as it’s an important weapon against infection and transmission.”

He emphasised that PPE and disinfectant used during body removal must be in continuous supply to avoid infection.

Gerber said that vehicle repairs have been delayed due to prolonged process of obtaining orders, if any.

He also highlighted several other challenges faced by the security cluster.

“We have a lack of transport for patrols, and a lack of airtime for communication or radio communication. It’s time the police reverts to old fashioned radio communication. There’s a lack of operational funds for servicing, repair and petty expenses and there’s a lack of truck ports to accommodate foreign truckers.”

He suggested that government gazette regulation amendments that should be coordinated with law enforcement to avoid misinterpretation.

Contravening regulations

Gerber reported that 76 cases were opened, and 202 people were arrested for contravening the curfew regulation. He said that most cases reported by the security cluster are related to curfew which indicates that a smaller number of community are still resistant to Covid-19 rules and regulations.

“Most of the offenders came or were on their way to private parties where alcohol is involved. Alcohol abuse normally leads to undisciplined and ignorant behaviour. Other offences recorded are related to those selling alcohol illegally after hours or on closed days.”

N$57 000 has been paid in fines and N$10 000 was paid in bail.

In terms of regulations pertaining to the prohibition of alcohol, 16 cases were opened and 16 people were arrested. A total of N$6 000 was paid in bail.

Twenty-six flights arrived at the Walvis Bay International Airport, carrying 398 passengers. The same number of flights also exited the airport, with 441 passengers in total.

A total of 5 210 travelling permits were issued and 8622 people travelled.

Gerber provided the follow breakdown: Permits issued in Walvis Bay (1691), Swakopmund (1941), Karibib (826), Henties Bay (230), Uis (46), Omaruru (349), Arandis (187) and Usakos (40).

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