Sanlam says invest smart

Otis Daniels_Finck
Namibia has extended its digital innovation footprint with the launching of SmartInvest; a Buy Unit Trusts Online capability where customers can buy unit trusts from as little as N$500 per month. Tega Shiimi ya Shiimi, CEO of Sanlam Investments, said: "This digital unit trust purchase platform is our response to the fourth Industrial Revolution and our goal to leverage technology for increased market share and closer client relations. It opens up a new distribution channel within the retail space and broadens our customer reach in our effort to move forward in our journey of financial inclusion.”

Investing should not be perceived as an avenue exclusively for the wealthy Namibians, but rather a conduit to reaching financial independence for all Namibians, he says. By introducing and using SmartInvest; Sanlam Investments brings customers an end-to-end digitalised platform that provides an easy to use and seamless fund selection functionality, followed by a client information capturing process that is safe, secure and subject to client preference, according to the financial services provider.

The application will assist customers in their investment journey by outlining the different fund options in a manner that is clear, concise and includes all essential fund information without overbearing the customers. In this way customers can invest with confidence in Unit Trust Funds tailored to their specific needs and risk appetite, according to the company.

The security and the protection of personal data is crucial, according to Sanlam. “We ensured that all checks and balances were in place during the implementation phase, to guarantee that customer data is safeguarded. While the onboarding is done using the SmartInvest digital platform, the transfer of investment funds remains a function between Sanlam Investments and commercial banks through existent banking options such as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTS) and direct debit orders,” explains Shiimi ya Shiimi.

Sanlam Investments is confident that this initiative will encourage new and inexperienced investors to start investing by following the unintimidating process and allowing for investments starting from as low as N$500 per month. Safety and convenience will not be the only value customers will be able to enjoy by making use of this digital platform, but also the capability it offers in terms of individual money management, investment decision making and the ultimate individual control customers can experience over their investment portfolio, says the company.

Customers will have control over their financial goals without the need to spend time picking funds and managing them to try to get the best return. Investors can rest assured that local and international investment experts manage their investment while they have 24/7 access to the view of the performance thereof, according to Sanlam.

“Our next deliverable is to link the SmartInvest platform to our Secure Services platform that provides further portfolio viewing authorization and transacting capabilities, so the future promises even more value for customers,” according to Shiimi ya Shiimi. He also expressed his appreciation for all the various individuals' efforts in making this a reality with his closing remark: "You all contributed to making convenient, affordable and accessible investing possible to Namibians, we continue to live with confidence."