Responsible behaviour essential in the fight against Covid

Leandrea Louw
It is pivotal that members of the public should change the way they conduct themselves to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The virus cannot spread in the absence of specific human actions. Therefore, the actions we take and our behavioural patterns will either derail or aid our efforts to defeat Covid-19. We should therefore avoid unnecessary travel, movement and risky behaviour during the next several weeks,” president Geingob said at the 38th Covid-19 public briefing.

Namibia is currently experiencing a rapid increase in the rate of new infections coupled with a moderate increase in the number of hospitalizations and deaths. The president said that the high infection rates caused by the Omicron variant, signifies the fourth wave of the pandemic. “Given this turn of events, it is absolutely critical that each and every Namibian should practice absolute vigilance in order to curtail the rate of infections.”

Geingob warned that Namibia’s economy and health system cannot afford a deadly Fourth Wave caused by individual or collective recklessness.” “We can ill afford another dark season of high infections, illness, hospitalizations and death. Together we must ensure that through decisive and responsible action we can save jobs and protect our economy so that once more, we can restart our journey of sustainable development and prosperity.”

The president called on all Namibians to act with the utmost responsibility and pointed out that facts and scientific evidence show that vaccination is one of the courses of action to pursue to curb illness, death and the spread of the Covid pandemic. “It is unfortunate to observe that vaccine uptake, which remains voluntary and based on personal responsibility in favour of the common good, has been slow. As a country, we are far from the goal of herd immunity, which we have set for ourselves several months ago.”

Geingob once again implored eligible persons to get vaccinated. “This is particularly important ahead of the festive season when many are likely to be around family and in close proximity with others. I should not have to plead with you to get vaccinated or to receive booster shots because it is for your own health and that of your fellow citizens. Individual responsibility is paramount in our continuing fight against Covid-19.”

The president also encouraged Namibians to receive booster vaccine shots. “Let us not be the ones to put ourselves and others at risk. We cannot afford to have a situation were more vaccines, which have been acquired at great cost and effort, are left to languish until they reach expiry date. It is simply unacceptable. Those who initially received AstraZeneca can get the same and also Pfizer as a booster. Pfizer is also administered to both adults and children between the ages of 12-17 years.”

Geingob once again warned that government will spare no effort in introducing further restrictions in order to safeguard the health of the nation. “Through better coordination and collaboration with all stakeholders we have been able to arrest the spread of the disease during the Third Wave, which lasted from May 2021 to September 2021. We will continue to marshal resources to fight Covid-19 and we shall do so with the same determination we have demonstrated as a government over the past 18 months."