Quick and easy kids’ rooms

10 September 2018 | Life Style

Did you get all psyched up to decorate your baby’s nursery only to learn that time moves really fast and now all of a sudden you have a full-blown child on your hands?

It’s one thing to get rid of the crib and changing table, but are you really expected to undertake a full redesign every time your child moves up a grade or decides she’s now obsessed with Elsa instead of Hello Kitty? What about when he starts having sleepovers? Are you required, as a parent who is supportive of your child's grade-school social life, to install bunk beds?

Well, according to Sheknows.com, you are not. The trick to designing a child’s room that stands the test of time and varying tastes, is to approach it like any other room. Here are some tips on how to avoid the constant child-room revamp.

Winning ways

• Invest in “adult” furniture. A bed, a nightstand, a shelf and a lamp can live in your child's room until they are ready for college. Pick neutral pieces to keep the basis of decor simple so you can work around it for years to come. Always choose adult furniture so you aren’t replacing major pieces every couple of years. If you decide to go with a wall covering, never choose a juvenile print; instead, select a simple pattern that would work for a baby or an adult."

• Skip the twin bed. Children don’t need to transition from a tiny bed that’s shaped like a truck to a twin to a queen. And you certainly don’t need to purchase a new bed and mattress every few years until they’re 15. When your little one is ready for a big-child bed, go straight to a full or queen.

• The bedroom should feel calm and soothing. That means steering clear of bright colours and wild patterns. White is always a great option, as are muted, warm and dark colours that will create a cosy space for your child.

• Never let a child choose a paint colour. It’s hard enough for adults to understand what a colour from a small strip is going to look like on the wall. A child can’t be expected to do this well. What looks good in a crayon colour doesn’t always translate. Instead, let your child pick the general colour like pink, green or blue. Then choose the perfect shade yourself. Because paint is a simple way to change a room, you don't need to worry too much about choosing a timeless colour. Painting a wall in two or three years isn't as much of an investment as replacing wallpaper or bedroom furniture.

• Be playful and childlike in accessorising. The goal of a child’s room shouldn’t be magazine-ready, it should be child-friendly. Feel free to go live with the glow-in-the-dark star stickers and hanging up your child’s artwork. Other than that, bedding, pillows and a rug are also easy to replace over time," she adds.

• Remember how messy children are. Keep the rug, bedding and accessories affordable so you won't freak out with the first nail polish spill.

• Incorporate wall stickers. There's no need to spend a lot of money as these are pretty low-commitment and low-cost. Plus, their simple installation and removal makes this a great option to completely transform a space. Select a graphic that would be feasible in an adult room too.

• It should be personalised. Children’s interests change constantly. But don’t stress about longevity here. It’s great to let them customise their rooms, just do away with things that is permanent or too expensive.

Make sure the theme is easily replaceable. Your child won’t want a princess room forever. But you can get inexpensive art online to make them feel like royalty.

• Keep it simple. This is, after all, a room for a child. Children don't need added distraction when they’re off to sleep. A simple, thoughtfully decorated room with a few of their favourite things is all you should need.

According to Love Happens, there are four key ideas when designing a child’s room: Energy, freedom, creativity and happiness. These factors should be mixed up with different colours of units characterised as bright, fashionable and modern.

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