Proudly Namibian brewed Gin and Vodka

22 December 2020 | Business

Copper & Coal Distillery Company Namibia prides itself on the premium, hand crafted gin and vodka it makes.

Andries van Schalkwyk and his wife Marizaan van Schalkwyk has produced four different gins since established the Walvis Bay based company in 2017.

This year they expanded to Vodka and recently launched infusion boxes, unique to the distillery.

Their latest creation is a variety of fruits and spices that amplifies the taste of your drink.

The duo created two infusion boxes; which is floral & spice as well as citrus & berries.

The floral & spice infusion box consists of blue pea, cinnamon, elderflower syrup, hibiscus, juniper berries and star anise.

Each box contains tasting notes, explaining how the different flavours enhances your beverage.

The citrus & berries infusion box contains cucumber, grapefruit, juniper berries, lemon, mixed berries and orange.


This dynamic couple is simply unstoppable.

Copper & Coal released Arid, a single grain, full bodied and double distilled Namibian vodka in September.

Each bottle is filled and hand numbered in true craft spirit. It is created in small batches distilled in a custom-built column still.

According to the Van Schalkwyk’s, their vodka is a concept they have been working on for a very long time.

“We wanted to convey a specific taste profile that took a long time to develop. The origin and development of our concept is greater than that. The process took us about two years. We are very precise about a product's stability and testing of the products to make sure it's ready for release. It was expensive and timely, but we are very proud of the product that we released and it was definitely all worth it in the end.”

The duo launched a Copper Craft Club earlier this year.

“For the upcoming year and onwards we hope to continue our tradition of creating products bearing quality in mind.”

Mouth-watering Gin

The Copper & Coal distillery also prides itself on its four different flavoured gin.

The Desolate Classic 7 gin is a selection of seven botanicals and a secret recipe which forms the makings of a perfectly balanced and unique distilled gin.

The quintessential juniper is distinctive without being overpowering. Lemon and blueberries are complimented by a delicate balance of coriander, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper.

Light and intricate, this is a perfect easy drinking gin straight from the desert. Pair it with lemon, blueberries and cinnamon.

Juniper and Namibian Devil’s Claw form the backbone of the Desolate Devils Claw Oak Rested gin.

A special recipe of four herbs and spices with mustard, walnut leaves, black pepper and star anise compliments the rich and complex Devil’s Claw. To soften the unforgiving character of Devil’s Claw, the gin is rested to perfection in fine French Oak Casks. Pair this with grapefruit, rosemary and cloves.

Juniper and devil’s claw also form the foundation of the very fine Desolate Devils Claw Crystal Clear gin.

This is also a special recipe of four herbs and spices with mustard, walnut leaves, black pepper and star anise complimenting the rich and complex flavours of Devil’s Claw.

This small batch craft gin rings true to a handmade product, raw and unfiltered with a subtle difference between batches. Pair this with lemon and elderflower syrup.

The distillery employs two employees. Moses Cloete which is the go to man on the factory floor and Camelita Gillmore helps with all office admin related matters.

The Copper & Coal Distillery focuses on quality instead of quantity. Each gin is made with passion and can be found at selected liquor stores across the country.

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