Playtime Trust hosts top notch tournaments

Leandrea Louw
The Walvis Bay-based Playtime Trust Namibia offers multi-disciplinary sports training programmes in soccer, cricket and athletics for the youth at the coast, particularly from disadvantaged areas.

In terms of soccer, Playtime regularly hosts tournaments. Most recently two (five- and seven-a-side) tournaments were hosted at Atlantis FC. The five-a-side soccer tournament was attended by a large number of parents that provided remarkable support for the kids. The teams consisted of u/9s (ages three to four) divided into two teams – Inter Milan who emerged victorious, and AC Milan. All participants received medals and trophies. The u/ 9 (age five to nine) division consisted of 17 children divided into three teams: Real Madrid, Man United and Liverpool. The winners were Man United, followed by Real Madrid and Liverpool in third spot. The best goalkeeper trophy was awarded to Ezekiel Negongo and top goal scorers were Francois le Roux, Christopher Muller and Elbaldo Koci. The first, second and third place winners were all awarded with medals and trophies.

In the u/11 division, the children were divided into nine teams: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man City, Liverpool, Man United, Blue Waters, Arsenal, Everton and Chelsea. The winners for their respective age groups were Barcelona, followed by Man City and in third was Blue Waters. The best goal keeper was Elias Mwenyo and each player that received first, second and third place, was awarded medals and trophies. Twenty children participated in the u/13 category that was divided into four teams: Man United, PSG, Liverpool and Man City. These games served the purpose of trails for an upcoming tournament. Osvaldo dos Santos, the head coach/ instructor for Playtime Namibia, said that the events were very successful, and thanked all sponsors, as well as all parents.


The second tournament was a seven-a-side soccer tournament. A large number of children (98) pitched up and were divided in four different groups (A & B Cup as well as C &D shield) which consisted of Everton, Man United, Leeds, Crystal Palace, Wolverhampton, Chelsea, Aston Villa, Arsenal, Man City, Westham, Norwich, Liverpool, Leister City and Tottenham. The cup winner were Leeds United, with Chelsea in second place Tottenham third. For the shield, first place wentto Crystal Palace, ahead of by Leister City with Everton in third position. All the first second and third winners for the cup and shield received medals and trophies. Dos Santos said that the participants were from schools in Kuisebmund, Narraville and town, which form part of Playtime Namibia Sports Development Trust Academy in Walvis Bay.