Pay for water, electricity with an eWallet

Otis Daniels_Finck
First National Bank (FNB) is excited about another innovative offering that now allows customers to pay their water and electricity account with an eWallet, says Herman Kruger, FNB Head of Merchant Services and Fleet.

“FNB Namibia customers can now pay their bills at municipalities and town councils all around the county using an eWallet. All customers have to do is dial *140*392# to access their eWallet, then select ‘Withdraw Cash’. They will then receive a One-Time PIN (OTP) and then give their cell phone number and OTP to the cashier and the bill is paid” advices Kruger.

Additionally, FNB customers can also make use of the many other ways to pay these bills, namely via cell phone banking, online banking, the FNB App and the FNB ATM’s.

“We truly live in exciting times and are pleased to introduce yet another innovation that enable our customers to bank safely, conveniently and affordably,” concludes Kruger.