Oscar nomination on the cards for The White Line

Otis Daniels_Finck
Local film The White Line is officially in the race to be considered for a possible Oscar nomination.

It is the first Namibian film ever to be considered for an Oscar nomination, and was entered as an independent film.

The Namibian Film Commission (NFC) congratulated the filmmakers, saying that this achievement was "monumental" for the local film industry.

Desiree Kahikopo-Meiffret, Girley Jazama and Micheal Pulse produced the film. Te storyline is about a man and woman for whom race or colour have no meaning; who subconsciously move against society's norms and find comfort in love. This in an era where love was limited to "your own kind".

Being an independent filmmaker in the race for the Oscars requires a substantial budget to create awareness of the film among Academy members and secure a nomination.

The NFC has therefore called on local businesses, government entities and Namibians in general to support the film's fundraising initiatives as they launch the campaign to market their film in America for a possible Oscar nomination.

Interested parties can make a donation at www.gofund.me/3cd03a61, or contact the manufacturers directly.