NFCPT head office officially opened

Building extended

30 November 2021 | Fishing

Susan Ndjakela; Board chairperson; “…ensure our staff are well equipped with necessary office equipment that enables them to perform their duties…"

Walvis Bay • [email protected]

The Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT) officially opened its revamped head office in Walvis Bay.

This facility (constructed at a cost of N$17.5 million) was refurbished and extended. This increased NFCPT’s total assets to N$191 313 930 from N$160 973 740 for the financial year 2019/2020.

Suzan Ndjaleka, the chairperson of the NFCPT board of trustees, stated that the board had decided to extend the office with one floor up in order to house all head office staff under one roof. “This will ensure that our staff are well equipped to enable them to perform their duties in a professional manner that will yield efficient service delivery.”
The NFCPT has established 18 fish shops in 14 regions. It is our desire to ensure that our products are sold at the most reasonable price possible to ensure affordability. However, we are also required to ensure operational efficiency and avoid reliance on Treasury for funding.”

Ndjakela appealed to government to increase quota allocation to the Trust. “This will enable the supply of fish at a more affordable price whilst managing this institution sustainably. We are also requesting local authority councils such as Swakopmund, Gobabis, Mariental and Katima Mulilo to provide land to the Trust for the construction of fish shops with sufficient retail space.”
She also appealed to stakeholders to join the trust in smart partnerships. “Our people are demanding that we stock bigger sizes of horse mackerel and a variety of other fish species. We need to realise the regular supplies of varieties of fish to our communities.”

Ndjakela said that to date, the per capita fish consumption has increased from 4kg per person per year to 16.59kg by the end of March 2021. “While this is a notable progress, we are no way near reaching the world average that stands at 20.4kg per person per year, which is our revised target as informed by government.”

The minister of fisheries and marine resources Derek Klazen highlighted the many features of the new building in his keynote address. “The building has a UPS system which is necessary to run essential equipment (computers, servers, and access- and fire detection equipment) during a power failure or outage. It is also equipped with a fire detector system in all offices and interior surrounding. The building offers high natural light transmission which is ideal for the office environment. All light fittings are LED (all old fittings will be replaced as well) which are extremely energy efficient and consume up to 90% less power than normal incandescent bulbs.”

The building is also fitted with movement sensors to ensure that the lights automatically switch off when an office or the building is not in use. A 42kW solar PV system with 128 solar panels, rated t 330Wp, has been installed on the roof of the truck garage and the maintenance offices. “This solar PV plant has benefits in reducing the energy consumption and associated charge of the facility. The generated power from the PV solar plant exceeds the demand from Erongo RED and therefore it pushes back the excess energy into the grid. The excess power fed back to Erongo Red is paid for by Erongo Red, at a rate still to be published by the latter.”

The minister stated that the building also boasts the latest technology and offers no excuse why things should not be done quickly and effectively. “Congratulations to the board of trustees, management and staff of the NFCPT for this achievement, as well as your collective endeavours to positioning the agency as a viable and self-sustaining institution that continues to deliver tangible results to all Namibians.”

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