Namibia Media Holdings annual bursary opportunity

Otis Daniels_Finck
Windhoek • Desiree Gases

Namibia Media Holdings (NMH), the largest media company in Namibia, every year invites learners to apply for a bursary for undergraduate studies in journalism, digital marketing and television production.

The bursary funds students in journalism/media studies, digital marketing, graphic design and television production and varies from year to year, but journalism/ media studies/ communication remains constant.

A strong academic record is essential for those hoping to be awarded a corporate bursary. In addition, having evidence of extracurricular achievements – particularly in relation to your field of interest – is advantageous. It is therefore imperative to have an academic plan during your secondary school studies to ensure you are adequately prepared to be an eligible candidate for this very competitive applicant.

In order for students to be eligible for the bursary they need to have Namibian citizenship, acceptance or provisional acceptance for full-time studies at a recognised SADC institution of higher learning, a minimum requirement of 27 points in five subjects on NSSCO level and grade 11 (2021 academic year) or first year at an institution of higher learning.

NMH offers students bursaries, primarily with the objectives of attracting, uplifting and up skilling media talent in Namibia and investing in youth development of the country as a whole. NMH has been handing out bursaries for five years. In 2015 there was one student, in 2016 one student, in 2017 one student, in 2018 there were two students and in 2020 there were three students.

The bursary offers benefits to the beneficiary. Students receive financial support for their tuition for the duration of their academic programme. Students who complete their studies are automatically given an offer of employment at Namibia Media Holdings. Employment upon graduation provides the student with access to industry-relevant work experience and professional growth potential. The company gains access to new employee talent with whom they have built a relationship over a number of years.