N$24 million make over for Dibasen HS

Otis Daniels_Finck
Okombahe • [email protected]

The ministry of education, arts and culture (MoEAC) handed over a newly renovated school structure at Dibasen High School in Okombahe on 6 December.

The project was funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB) through its education and quality improvement project. The infrastructure, renovated at a cost of N$24 million, includes two hostel blocks, 14 classrooms, one science laboratory, a generator set and a water tank.

According to the school’s principal, Ausbert Siboli, the renovated structures have been standing idle for 30 years. “The facilities were burned down many years ago during the fight for independence. Ever since, the structures could not be used, as it was not safe. It was a struggle to get funding. Today we are grateful for the government and the AfDB,” he said. Siboli urged the learners to take care of the facilities.

Education director of the Erongo region, Erenfriede Stephanus, said that the renovations are an indication of the ministry’s efforts to provide quality education to the Namibian child. “Our mandate is to provide quality education to our learners. To do so, we have to provide resources. One of the required resources are buildings. We are fortunate in the Erongo region that we do not have learners that are taught under trees.”

Stephanus added that the biggest challenge faced by the Erongo region is inadequate classrooms. “This project will help to minimise this challenge.”

Head girl Anatjie Hengombe commended the MoEAC and AfDB for making the renovations possible. “We are grateful to have benefited from this project. We are now going to have better facilities, which I believe will yield better results,” she said.

Additional funds

Stephanus said that government provided N$36 million from the Covid relief fund to renovate ablution and hostel blocks at different schools in the Erongo region. “We received an additional N$90 million for the construction of 58 classrooms, but instead we decided that we would use the funds to construct two project schools in Erongo for senior secondary phase and primary phase.” She also announced that government intends to build another primary school in Swakopmund and said a new hostel block would be constructed at the !Oe-Gab Primary School for boys and girls at Okombahe.