Municipal resorts experience good holiday occupancy

More locals visited
Leandrea Louw
Walvis Bay • [email protected]

The local resorts experienced more bookings this festive season compared to the previous year, according to Florentia Mutrifa, the head of resorts at the Walvis Bay municipality.

“All our resorts had an above-average occupancy rate,” she said, explaining that the Langstrand campsite was the busiest, followed by Esplanade Bungalows and Dolphin Park, with an occupancy rate of about 80%. According to her, many South Africans and some Chinese made use of the campsite. “The visitors consisted mostly of local families who wanted to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere,” she said.

Mutrifa added that it was “great to see” people out and about this festive season. “We had more people booked this year compared to last year. During the previous festive season, we saw more locals from the neighbouring towns, but this year we had visitors from across the border and all over our country,” she told Erongo 24/7.

Most of the visitors already checked out after the New Year’s weekend with only a few that are still staying this week. Mutrifa said that she was surprised with the generally good behaviour of the public over the festive season. “Visitors left our facilities in a much cleaner state. Coca-Cola also assisted us with a beach clean-up along with our staff over Christmas weekend. We are really appreciative of the public and private entities who assisted us with keeping our beaches clean,” she commended.

The majority of the visitors making use of the bungalows at Dolphin Park were from Windhoek and Oshakati. Due to prolonged maintenance, the swimming pool and slides at Dolphin Park are closed. “There is a lot of structural damage to the swimming pool. We are hoping to reopen it by the middle of this year. It is quite a hefty maintenance job to do in a short time. The closure of the pool was not due to Covid-19. If we were to open over the festive season, our water loss volume would have been immense,” Mutrifa explained.
The Walvis Bay municipal swimming pool in the Lagoon area was open for two weeks during the festive season.