More lives lost due to Covid-19

Otis Daniels_Finck
Health minister Kalumbi Shangula has expressed his concern about the increasing number of people who are reinfected with Covid-19.

Namibia recorded 1 876 reinfections since 8 December, and there is a significant number of people getting infected and hospitalized, with some succumbing to Covid-19.

There were 3 761 Covid-related deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. The number of deaths increased exponentially from 13 to 181 deaths reported during the period of 27 days for this dispensation - an increment of 93%. Active cases have increased three-fold to 10 418 compared with 3 392 active cases recorded at the time of the last briefing, according to Shangula.

He pointed out that 153 290 new confirmed Covid-19 cases, out of the 893 635 samples tested, were recorded until 11 January. This translates into an additional 19 846 new confirmed cases since the last briefing on 14 December 2021.

Namibia also recorded a total of 140 973 at a recovery rate of 92%, which is 2,7% less from the last briefing, owing to the increased number of cases reported during the fourth wave, which started on 29 November, and is driven by the Omicron variant.

“The Omicron variant proved to be highly transmissible, albeit not as severe and virulent as the Delta variant, which we controlled successfully after it caused devastation on health, the economy and livelihoods,” said Shangula.

Cases peaked on 19 December, with a total of 1 334 new cases recorded in a day. The cases have since started to decline from the 26 December with an average of 450 cases per day.
In the 27 days period from 16 December 2021 to 11 January 2022, covering the current dispensations, a total of 68 975 samples were tested of which 18 586 new cases were confirmed giving a positive ratio of 27% compared to 11% positivity ratio during the preceding period.

“These figures indicate that the number of tests conducted increased by 37.2% and the number of new cases increased by 69.8%, while the positivity ratio increased by 59.3%,” he explained, adding that the number of in-patients also increased to an average of 362 per day as compared to 198 reported during the preceding 27 days.