Magic Discounters’ manager and son appear in court

Crimen Injuria
Leandrea Louw
Walvis Bay • [email protected]

The manager of Magic Discounters, Martin Cordier and his son Giandré, made their first court appearance in the Walvis Bay magistrates court on Monday.

The duo was arrested earlier in the day while a fire was blazing in the shop located in the Sam Nujoma Avenue, Walvis Bay.

The father and son were charged with crimen injuria and for resisting a member of the police force.

Bail was set at N$2 000 each, which was paid immediately after their appearance.

Magistrate John Sindano postponed the case to 19 August 2021 for further investigations.

Jo-Mari Koekemoer, on behalf of Eugene Thomas Legal Practitioners, represented the duo and Fidel Wakundumo represented the state.

Inspector Ileni Shapumba, commander for community affairs in the Erongo region, upon inquiry confirmed that the two men were formally charged.

“They were charged with obstructing police officers in the performance of their duties and violation of Section 16 of the Police Act; forcefully entering a demarcated (cordoned) area without permission of the police members.”

Prior to the scuffle, Cordier was seen in the demarcated area, distributing water to the firefighters and police on scene, and rendering assistance where needed.

Giandré was also within the demarcated area, rendering assistance to his father.

Before their appearance in court, Martin stated that a member of the police force approached them in a forceful manner.

“He wasn’t even in uniform, nor did he identify himself as a police officer. We had been inside the demarcated area since our arrival at the scene. A number of witnesses can attest to that.”

Various voice notes were circulating on social media, each narrating a different story as to what happened at the scene. In some, rumours which are not true, implied that the two men had been arrested in relation to arson.

Shapumba said that police are still investigating the matter.

“The cause of the fire is not known at this stage.”

The Walvis Bay branch of Magic Discounters employs about 40 people.