IPC claims landslide victory in Walvis Bay

The people have spoken

26 November 2020 | Politics

Knowledge Ipinge; Outgoing urban constituency councillor; “What matters most is that I'm not handing over the keys to the corrupt regime.”

Walvis Bay •[email protected]

Indications are that the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) recorded a landslide victory in Walvis Bay during the local and regional authority elections.

The IPC claimed the office of the rural and urban constituency as well as the majority of seats in the local municipal council.

Florian Tegako Donatus won the race for the rural constituency office with 3433 votes, from 7386 votes that were cast.

He was followed by Hilma Tonata Shikongo from SWAPO, with 2318 votes.
Deriou Benson was elected as the urban constituency councillor. He recorded 4531 votes from 8925 votes cast, followed by Miina Teuthigilua Hangula with 2705 votes.

After a long wait, the local authority election results were also announced, with the IPC claiming four seats, Swapo three and one seat each for the Landless People’s Movement, the Joint Walvis Bay Residents Association and the Popular Democratic Movement.

A total of 12 028 ballots were counted for the Walvis Bay local authority elections, of which 5 043 were for the IPC.

Swapo received 3348 votes and the Landless People’s Movement 1207 votes. The quota to secure one of the ten seats in council was 1203.

The members joining council are Trevino Forbes (IPC), Saara Mutondoka (IPC), Leroy Victor (IPC), Olivia Andrews (IPC), Paulus Kauhondwamwa (Swapo), Albertina Nkoshi (Swapo), Ephraim Shozi (Swapo), Stanily Bikeur (LPM), Ronald Noel Bramwell (JWRA) and Richard Hoaeb (PDM).

Donatus, the newly elected rural constituency councillor, stated that he is very excited about his journey ahead.

“I am very happy that IPC won and that the party entrusted me to represent them.”

Donatus is a teacher by profession who works in the real estate sector.

“I want the residents of Walvis Bay to have hope in the new administration when it comes to service delivery. We are here to serve them and I am ready to transform Walvis Bay rural, especially the informal settlements.”

Benson, the newly elected urban constituency councillor said that he is overwhelmed by the support he has received.

Before the official announcement was made, supporters were already congratulating Benson on his impending win.

“I am extremely thankful to everyone who voted for me and for my party, IPC. You have entrusted me with your vote so now it is up to me to repay you 100%. I am looking forward to working with the current team in office.”

He stated that there are many issues that need special attention in the urban area.

“I will first comb through the current challenges and decide what needs special attention. It doesn’t help to focus on one thing only or on a lot of things; you need to identify key issues and address them accordingly.”

Ahead of the official announcement, independent candidate and outgoing urban constituency office Knowledge Ipinge expressed his gratitude to every voter who voted for him and who wholeheartedly believes in his leadership capabilities. Ipinge managed to secure 947 votes.

“Walvis Bay urban constituency residents, you have spoken. Congratulations to Deriou Benson the new regional councillor of Walvis Bay urban constituency, and to IPC for taking control of the Walvis Bay Municipality.”

Iipinge said that the past few months was a great experience.

“It won't end here. I will continue to fight for you through activism until we get Walvis Bay completely right. What matters most is that I'm not handing over the keys to the corrupt regime.”

For 2020 Elections results follow: https://www.elections.my.na/2020-main-page

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