Human remains found at Walvis Bay

Searching for answers

07 October 2020 | Crime

Tega Matheus; Father; “My gut feeling is telling me that the person who sent the message knows something…”

Walvis Bay •[email protected]

Human remains, presumed to be that of Shannon ‘Darlikie’ Wasserfall (22) who went missing some time ago, was found in the dunes in Walvis Bay on Tuesday.

According to detective chief inspector Daniel Gurirab, the police received an anonymous SMS, directing them to where exactly to find the remains of a presumably missing person.

“The police went to the area as directed and discovered near Narraville remains buried in a shallow grave in the sand dunes. Based to the clothes found at the scene it is suspected that the remains could be that of Shannon Wasserfall who went missing from Kuisebmond.”

Gurirab said that in order to confirm this, investigations will be conducted to determine the identity of the remains, which includes a DNA test.

Wasserfall went missing on Friday, 10 April at about 16:00 from Uuwanga Street in Tutaleni, where she stayed with a friend.

“According to the last location obtained from her phone she was allegedly in the vicinity of Mile 4. A missing person’s report was filed with the police four days later on 14 April 2020. Her friend cannot remember the clothes she was wearing when she left the house,” Gurirab stated in a crime update earlier this year."


Shannon’s father Tega Matheus came to Walvis Bay in search of his daughter after her disappearance.

It was subsequently established that the missing girl was wearing white shorts and a blue jacket at the time of her disappearance.

“I searched in the Mile 4 as it was initially stated. It later came to light that we that her phone was last picked up at the Anchovy tower, behind the Kuisebmond graveyard. This, however, does not mean it was her last location but it could be that the tower she was close to had a weak network and diverted her phone to the next closest tower.”

Wasserfall came to Walvis Bay in December 2019 to visit her mother. On the day of her disappearance she dropped off her son at a friend’s place and was not seen since.

After a week of staying with her mother she moved in with her boyfriend, which is also the father of her child. She apparently told her friend whom she left her baby with that she was going to meet someone at the Independence shop in Kuisebmond, about 100 metres from where her friend stays.

Phone records

“Her timeline, information I gathered and phone records show the boyfriend was the last person she spoke to. He also texted her sister on Thursday, a day before she was reported missing as he could not find her. Records show that calls were made on the 8 and 9 April but nothing from 10 April,” said Matheus.

He feels that the police should have done more for his daughter.

“There’s a lot of factors in play. There has not been feedback from the police concerning investigations. They kept information they received from us. The text message which led to the discovery made by the police was also sent to me and my eldest daughter. The police could have taken their K-9 unit and do random searches.”

Matheus also hired a private investigator to search for Darlikie.

“Covid-19 and the lockdown hampered our plans to fully complete the investigation.”

Mysterious text message

The text message sent to her father reads as follows: “Comrade, ur name 4 missing ppl. Together with foreign some in defence units are working together for money. If u go to the mall and u r crossing the road to naravile, just where the roadblock is now at that intersection, to ur right behind the dune, they r leaving ppl ther if u r not obey or comply. Others they r leav near 44 rooikop. Commissioner, u r suprise 4 some of those u r walking pass everyday at some stations. Keep wake up. Im go. RP ANONYMUS”
“Comrade, 4 sure. The girls 4 missing r to those location. Plz to check commisioner...sum in the force r nearby area. Ur numba 4 missing ppl.”

Matheus said that when he called back, the call did not go through.

“My gut feeling is telling me that this person who sent this message knows something. Someone must know something.”

Rumours circulating

A number of rumours have also been making rounds saying that the father (boyfriend) and the friend (who is also the godmother of Darlikie’s child) are now a couple.

“I cannot say this is true but I also heard it. Perhaps Darlikie also heard this, and this might have been the trigger point.”
He said that Darlikie is not someone who would not tell anyone about her whereabouts.

“She was a very family oriented person. We were very close. If you look at her photos, you’ll see her posing with her older sister or with her cousins. Even if she went out, she’ll go with family members. She was not a person who would just decide to go somewhere and not say anything.”

Her father furthermore stated that Wasserfall’s son was taken to the North shortly after her disappearance.

“I found that out when I went with the investigation officer to the boyfriend’s house, and it seemed that it happen overnight.”

According to Matheus rumours were circulating that Wasserfall was seen in Omaruru and in Windhoek.

“If we look at all the evidence I gathered thus far, it points to one direction. Someone has been playing mind-games.”

After the disappearance of Darlikie, the police only questioned the boyfriend and her friend.

“There was no remorse from the boyfriend. The last time we saw each other we had a fight – he simply answered us the way he wanted to.”


Matheus said the family is praying that the culprit is found.

“It might help us understand better what happened to Darlikie. It’s still early to determine our way forward, as forensics need to confirm that it is my daughter. But I am positive that we will soon find out what exactly happened to her and who is responsible for her death.”

The police also suspects that the person who sent the anonymous message with the location of the shallow grave, might know what happened.

A murder case has been opened in Kuisebmond due to the remains that was found. The missing person’s file of Wasserfall will stay open until she can be positively identified.

The missing person’s case of the American tourist Mark Mokkosso who disappeared two years ago near Brandberg is also still not finalised.

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