Howard vows to tackle corruption

Ending the vicious cycle

06 January 2021 | Government

Ciske Howard; ERC chairperson; “We need to make sure that…people are taken to book for corruption.”

Swakopmund • [email protected]

The chairperson of the Erongo Region Council (ERC), Ciske Howard, has set fighting corruption as a priority during her first year in office.

Howard, who is also the regional councillor of the Swakopmund constituency, labelled the social ill “a vicious cycle” and said it needs an immediate antidote.

“We need to make sure that corruption is exposed and people are brought to book for such practices,” she said, emphasising that many peoples’ lives are affected by a single corrupt act. “If one government official takes a bribe they affect the lives of thousands down the line.”

According to Howard, the money misused by a few corrupt leaders is enough to provide much-needed services for thousands of residents.

“Take ‘Fishrot’ for example. The amount of money stolen in that specific scandal would have been enough to pay for the housing needs of the residents of the DRC (Democratic Residents’ Community) informal settlement. We would have been able to secure 6 500 erven and house an estimated 25 000 people.”

‘Provide services’

Howard called on government officials to provide services at the right price.

“Do not take liberties with government’s money and think that you can deliver something substandard with the aim of getting paid for it.”

While corruption needs to be addressed, Howard cautioned on spending too much time doing so, saying that dwelling too much on the past can hinder progress.

“If we spend all our time and focus on what happened in the past, we will not be able to go forward.”

Howard was elected as the regional councillor for the Swakopmund constituency during the November 2020 local authority and regional council elections when she stood as a candidate for Independent Patriots of Change (IPC).

The charismatic leader was then elected as the chairperson of the ERC.

She is the incumbent of Juuso Kambueshe as the chairperson of the ERC, who took over after Hafeni Ndemula was chosen to become the new minister of labour and industrial relations, last year.

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