08 June 2020 | Government

1. When will the lockdown come into force?

1.1 The lockdown will begin at 23:59 on Monday 8 June 2020 until 23:59 on 22 June 2020.
1.2 The lockdown will remain in force for 14 days, an observance period equivalent to one Covid-19 incubation cycle.

2. The following categories of persons are exempted from this lockdown: 2.1 Health workers in the public and private sector.
2.2 Emergency personnel including paramedics, fire fighters, call centre personnel.
2.3 Security services such as the police, correctional services, traffic officers, military medical personnel, soldiers, immigration and customs, private security services and other persons necessary for the success of our response to the pandemic.
2.4 All persons involved in the production, distribution and supply of goods and food across the agricultural value chain; fishing, essential legal, financial and banking services; the maintenance of power, water and telecommunications services; laboratory and veterinary services; refuse removal; the provision of medical and hygiene products; cleaning services; aircraft and cargo handling and engineering; park wardens; mining; informal traders; social welfare services; humanitarian workers and the media is also exempted from the provisions of the lockdown.

3. When am I allowed to leave my home?
3.1 All residents in the restricted area are not allowed to leave their homes during the lockdown period unless such movement by any person in the restricted area is for the following reasons: 3.1.1. Travel by persons listed in Section 2 above;
3.1.2. Visits to pharmacies, food supply stores, courts, banks and for medical reasons;
3.1.3. Physical exercise in groups of not more than three (3) persons;
3.2 Only one person from a household may visit a store for essential goods and services at a time. Inside a store, all shoppers must strictly adhere to prescribed social distancing protocols, keeping a distance of 1.5 meters or more from another person.
3.3 Only leave your home when it is absolutely necessary, for example to get food, seek medical care or access essential services.
3.4 Passenger restrictions: Not more than three (3) persons will be permitted in a four (4) seater motor vehicle. Not more than four (4) persons will be permitted in a seven (7) seater motor vehicle at any given time. For larger buses with carrying capacity of sixteen persons or more, may only load half the number of passengers. Not more than two (2) persons per donkey cart and one (1) person per motorbike, bicycle and tricycle.

4. Which businesses and services will remain open?
4.1 Most shops and businesses will be closed, except those classified as essential or critical services.
4.2 The police, military and emergency services will continue to operate.
4.3 Health care services such as public and private hospitals, clinics, doctors, pharmacies and laboratories will remain open.
4.4 Banks, essential legal, financial, payment services and medical aid funds will operate.
4.5 Supermarkets and home kiosks will be allowed to operate during normal trading hours daily to allow residents to provide care for themselves and their families.
4.6 The sale of alcohol, liquor and spirits is strictly prohibited.
4.7 Petrol stations and the forecourt shops will remain open 24-hours.
4.8 Municipal bus services will be suspended, except for those supporting the Covid-19 response.
4.9 All open markets and informal trading activities will not be allowed to operate.
4.10. Shebeens, bars, pubs, nightclubs, casinos and gambling houses will not be permitted to operate during the lockdown period.
4.11. Restaurants, cafes and coffee shops will remain open but only offer take-away services.
4.12. Entities essential for the production and transportation of food, basic goods, medical supplies and their support services will be allowed to operate.
4.13. Banks are urged to optimize electronic banking channels.

5. Who may work from home?
5.1. Government urges employers to assign employees to perform their tasks from home in as far as the performance of such tasks from their homes, is possible.
5.2. Where the service is essential or critical, employees may be required to come into work. Where the service is not classified as essential or critical, employees will work from home.
5.3. Employers should exercise strict caution and ensure only a minimum number of employees are brought, or remain on site, to guarantee that the provision of essential or critical services is not disrupted.
5.4. All employees working during this time should observe strict hygiene and adhere to prescribed Social Distancing protocols at all times.
5.5. Wearing of face masks is compulsory in all public spaces and within the working environment as far as practical.

6. May I travel in and out of the Erongo region during the period under lockdown?
6.1. Travel to the restricted area is prohibited, except for persons providing essential services or emergency purposes;
6.2. Namibians and non-Namibians may enter the restricted for purposes of humanitarian aid work and essential or critical services, as defined;
6.3. Foreign nationals currently in the restricted area (e.g. tourists) planning to return to their respective countries of origin will be permitted to travel back at own cost;

7. What measures have been put in place for quarantine and self-isolation?
7.1. Returning citizens and permanent residents will be subjected to mandatory, supervised quarantine for a period of fourteen (14) days. Persons who are placed under self-quarantine will be monitored.
7.2. Facilities that satisfy the minimum standard as prescribed under the national guidelines, will be identified and reserved for the purpose of quarantine.
7.3. All persons identified through contact tracing will be placed under supervised quarantine for a period of fourteen (14) days.

8. What is a gathering during the lockdown period?
8.1. Any gathering during this period shall not exceed 10 persons. This includes weddings and funerals and religious gatherings.
8.2. Covid-19 related funerals will be handled by the State.
8.3. For non-Covid-19 related funerals, organizers are advised to limit the number of attendees to not more than 10 persons.
8.4. Those required to travel outside the restricted area for reasons of emergency, may seek authorization from the Regional Director of the respective sector.
8.5. Social distancing protocols – keeping a distance of 1 meter or more from another person should be strictly adhered to in all public spaces.
8.6. It is the responsibility of us all to minimize our movement and avoid large crowds.
8.7. We call on everyone to cooperate with government to implement these measures.

9. What is the penalty of violating the above lockdown regulations?
9.1. Violating any of the lockdown regulations is a punishable offense.
9.2. The penalty for violating the lockdown regulations is a fine of N$2 000 or arrest.

10. Measures in place to distribute social safety net benefits
10.1. Our social safety net benefits remain in place and disbursements will not be disrupted.
10.2. Service providers must ensure appropriate social distancing protocols at all pay points.
10.3. All channels for access will remain open including ATMs, retail point of sale and cash pay points.

11. How can I partner with Government to contribute to the fight?
11.1. We are in this together and will emerge stronger, together.
11.2. A special fund has been established and all Namibians are encouraged to contribute.
11.3. Those who wish to make a monetary or in-kind contribution to this Fund may contact the following Office of the Prime Minister, Japhet Iitenge contact number +264811297117 or [email protected] or deposit directly into the following bank account:

Bank: Bank Windhoek Limited
Account Name: National Emergency Disaster Fund
Account No.: 8000158443
Account Type: Cheque Account
Branch Code: 48197200
Reference Key: COVID19NAM 4

11.4. Those who wish to contribute by settling invoices directly have the option to do so. Please contact the Office of the Prime Minister, Executive Director Mr I-Ben Nashandi, contact details: +26481128 2008 email: [email protected]
11.5. Everybody who is practicing social distancing, and reporting themselves to medical personnel when feeling unwell is contributing greatly to flatten the curve.

12. When do I need to get tested?
12.1. Persons will only be tested on the advice of health professionals.
12.2. Should you feel unwell, with symptoms of a dry cough, high fever and shortness of breath, please call the toll-free number or consult a health facility or community health worker to be advised on what to do.
12.3. The ministry will carry out expanded targeted testing.

13. There will be enough food in the country.
13.1. Government has had discussions with manufacturers and distributors of basic necessities, who have indicated there will be continuous supply of these goods.
13.2. There is no need to stockpile food.
13.3. Government calls on everyone in the country to avoid panic buying.

14. Where can I get credible data and information?
14.1. Stay informed by getting the facts. Avoid and do not disseminate rumours and fake news.
14.2. For authentic information contact the listed toll-free number 0800-100-100 or 911 or your nearest health facility.

14.3. Digital resources: Log onto for daily updates, stats and facts.
14.4. Visit the following social media accounts for authenticated information:
• Twitter @MoHSS_Namibia and @CDCNamibia
• Facebook: Ministry of Health and Social Services-Namibia
• Instagram: ministryofhealthnamibia
• Download the following Mobile Application for Android: “Namibia COVID19”

15. General Information
15.1. The urgent and aggressive measures we are taking will challenge us as a nation.
15.2. But we are convinced the cost of not acting now would be far greater.
15.3. The lockdown of Erongo region will be accompanied by continued public health response to provide screening, testing, contact tracing, quarantine, isolation and medical management.
15.4. You are encouraged to be active and exercise within your home environment.
15.5. It is important that you stay connected via the phone, social media, or email.
15.6. Practice hygiene when you go out. Wash your hands when leaving home and again before departing for home. Carry hand sanitizer at all times. Avoid touching your face.
15.7. By staying home you are contributing greatly to the fight against the further spread of the disease.
15.8. These measures will reviewed regularly as we scale up our national response to Covid-19.

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