Grumpy’s fishing report

Otis Daniels_Finck
The coast is somewhat quieter with the majority of holidaymakers back at work.

A word of thanks to all the anglers who visited and left our beaches clean. I always take a black refuse bag with me to clean up where others mess, whenever I go fishing.

There is a lot of action from the ski boats. The snoek are coming in with good numbers being caught.

Some yellowtail are also being caught on artificial lures in the deep sea. This delicious and strong fighting game fish is quite difficult to catch but the reward is high. They are mostly caught by trawling in the deep sea in the top water column.

The ski boats targeting bottom fish were also treated to a lot of action this past week.

A lot of small fish were caught in between with the good news being that there are also horse mackerel to be caught. They are edible and also serves as super good bait for kob specifically.

One can catch them on sardines or with a pre-made rig called a sabiki rig. It is generally a 1.8m trace with 6 hooks on the trace and each hook is dressed as a fly. One then just hangs the rig overboard and the fish attack the pretty flies thinking it is something edible for them to nibble on.

Gideon Lubbe and Francois van der Westhuizen tried their luck at the pump station (Mile 6) and the Mile 7 sandbank. They went searching for some shad and Garrick.

Both of these fish are strong fighters and take artificial lures that are cast out as far as possible with a spinning outfit. These can be spoons or plugs, both works well.

The two anglers got stuck into some decent fish with some of the Garrick they landed weighing roundabout 4kg. They also managed to land some nice shad in the 1.5kg range.

The sharks are also abundant along the coast with some big females being pulled ashore. At Mile 3, close to The Wreck restaurant, the guys pulled in some nice bronze whaler sharks. Kay Bachran tried to subdue these beasts and he landed two big ones in one day. Well done!

It looks like there is a lot of baitfish around and with that, good catches should be coming soon. We still expect good kob catches to be made so keep an ear on the ground as areas such as Canopy and Adri se gat amongst others, could give bigger sized fish.

Wishing you tight lines, bending rods and singing reels!