Grumpy’s fishing report

Otis Daniels_Finck
The big kob have appeared out of nowhere on our coastline.

Uwe Hanssen and his wife Silvia spent the day at Die Walle. Silvia’s rod bent double after the fish took her hook and the epic struggle was on. She fought the fish to perfection and after a nervous 10 to 15 minutes the massive kob landed on the shore. With cameras ready they quickly took out the hook and put the behemoth back to fight another day. The fish measured an astonishing 25kg’s. Well done, Silvia and releasing such a beauty shows real class.

Ralie Roelofse tried his luck at Sarah se Gat just north of Henties Bay and he too got pulled flat. After a few nervous moments he succeeded in landing a massive kob. Nice one! Marina Kotze wasn’t to be outdone when she landed a beauty of 138cm at Mile 32.

The ski boats are also in the thick of things with deck loads of snoek being caught. They seem to be quite a huge shoal as the guys are getting the snoek just west from Walvis Bay and also Swakopmund. Be sure to buy some for a delicious “braai” experience.

The shark anglers are also having fun with Mile 8 and The Sand Bank producing lots of spotted gulley sharks and some monster bronzies. Some of these monsters caught weighed in at 135kg. That takes some doing. To give you an indication, usually a bronzy over 100kg takes more than an hour to land. Don’t worry as all the sharks get put back after a quick photo.

The pick of the week had to be Mile 32 with lots of fish especially kob reeled in. Further north at Torra Bay the anglers got decent amounts of galjoen too. These were caught on white mussel and a smallish hook as they have small mouths.

The conditions look really favourable for the upcoming week.

Tight lines!