Grumpy’s fishing report

Otis Daniels_Finck
The fishing really improved tremendously over the past week.

Adri se gat was once again on fire and produced some huge kob. This was not a daily occurrence though and anglers had to time it to perfection.

Conditions remain promising for the upcoming week.

Mile 30 also produced excellent catches with good numbers of kob pulled ashore.

The important thing was that chokka seemed to do the trick more so than sardines. Anglers prefer to tenderize the chokka steaks with a hammer to make it softer and in doing so it releases more flavour. A small strip should do the trick especially in clean water.

The good news is that Namibia beat arch rivals South Africa in the last international.

The senior men’s and woman both took home gold. Congratulations, this is no easy feat. You made us very proud. The seniors caught eight bronzies versus the one landed by South Africa.

The number of spotties caught are not known. The numbers are quite high with some anglers managing to land in excess of 10 sharks per day.

The snoek is however still elusive and might come on the bite again.

Steenbras were also landed in big numbers around the Cape Cross area.

AJ Stadler and his friends, Kallie and Louise Swanepoel, went fishing at Canopy. They managed to catch three giant steenbras using octopus as bait. The massive fish weighed in at 18kg, 13kg and 10kg respectively. They saw a sand bank and fished it. The first 18kg fish reportedly hit the bait after 2 minutes. The battle lasted an impressive 15 minutes and they fished at incoming tide.

Paaltjies is still quiet but that could probably change in a heartbeat. Remember that Paaltjies closes at the end of December for kob fishing so make sure you get your share of fishing in before the due date arrives.

Tight lines!