Grumpy’s fishing report

21 January 2020 | Fishing

Slightly cleaner water made for tough fishing this past week and it appeared as if the fish disappeared.

This was not totally the case though, as Maketus’ turn and Canopy did provide some excellent steenbras.

When I say excellent, I actually mean the big old thick lips were brought ashore. One such beast weighed in at over 20kgs.

It wasn’t as if it only one group of anglers that were lucky with these tricky to catch fish.

Melany Lotter, Franco Horn and Alec Joe Landers were in one group fishing close to Canopy. They brought ashore some decent 8-14kg weight fish. Louis Fenaux also guided his company to 10kg steenbras.

With the water being slightly clean and especially calm, octopus or the three spot swimming crab were tried as bait for these beasts.

The bigger fish tend to feed somewhat differently with the preference going away from sardines and white mussels to the more exotic baits. Keep that in mind.

Fishing has also very been consistent at Horingbaai and Bakleigat. I wonder when this supply will eventually run out. These two areas which are very close to each other have been the pick of the week yet again.

I don’t want to get carried away and let it sound as if thousands of fish were caught there. That wasn’t the case. There were however some big catches reported while fishing for the rest of the coast was rather quiet.

Fish weighing between 3kg and 7kg were caught and this required quite some effort. Sardines and chokka were used as bait.

Galjoen were also caught in the vicinity of Henties with Trappies probably being the go to fishing area for these shallow water fish.

The ski boats came and went as quickly as the fish at Vierkantklip vanished. This is the norm and shouldn’t give anybody grey hair.

The fish head up to Sandwich Harbour to breed and they should be caught heading back from Sandwich again on the way up north. The expected return leg will probably happen sooner than later and usually happens mid-February.

Shark anglers are enjoying the flat water conditions as little interference with the line is a given and one can have quality time in the water. The bait lies still, and the sharks can come closer to shore than during rough water conditions.

Less kelp on the line also helps with keeping the bait in the strike zone.

Spotted gulley sharks and bronzies have been caught basically along the entire shore line. Make sure to handle these sharks carefully and to release them as quickly as possible.

I am going to fish with the SFC old crocks soccer team next weekend at Cape Cross. I am sure this fun outing will result in some good fish being caught and I can’t wait to share the photos and experience with you.

Tight lines until then.

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