Grumpy’s fishing report

24 December 2019 | Fishing

The coastal towns are full of friendly anglers that arrived from all corners of the country.

However, fishing was a bit tricky, especially at Paaltjies. The swell was quite strong with the south westerly wind showing us who’s the boss.

The 3rd quarter phase of the moon is also playing against anglers with little difference between high tide and low tide. Still, this week will be new moon and with that the fish should come on the bite again.

We start with the report from the northern shores. Mile 72 and Jakkalsputs were the top angling areas with a lot of galjoen being caught. Kob were far less. Some decent fish were caught at Mile 72 and Sarah se Gat, while fishing at Mile 108 was in between (hot and cold). One day the galjoen were biting and the very next, the water turned brown with only barbel being landed.

Smaller sized sand sharks and spotties were caught all over. Closer to Swakop, Mile 14 and just south of the desalination plant delivered pan size kob, a few galjoen and blacktail, too.

Oom Dirk de Bod went shark hunting at Langstrand. He and his son Dirk Jnr. fished with yellowtail and managed to catch 4 good sized bronzies. These powerful fish put up a good fight of roughly 40 minutes to an hour. A quick pic and the fish are released unharmed.

Getting back to the moon phases. By next week the Atlantic would’ve washed out a lot of loose kelp. Sand banks and reefs will open up again. That should produce some decent fish.

The northern shores like Canopy, Horingbaai and Mile 72 will start producing good fish. Sardines are scarce, so get yours before the local shops run out and the fish start biting.

The ski boats were relatively quiet due to the swells but there were a couple of days that they managed to launch from the Mole in Swakopmund. They mostly headed out to Mile 8 and Mile 14 areas and caught some decent fish.

We just have to wait a couple of days for the water to calm down and I am sure the popular Paaltjies angling spot will give some big fish.

Tight lines until next time.

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