Grumpy’s fishing report

Otis Daniels_Finck
Angling the past week was great with the beaches being relatively quiet since most holidaymakers are back at work.

Our pick of the week is definitely the 111cm garrick/leervis landed by Sven Welzig while targeting bronzies at Mile 3 in the vicinity of (Swakopmund). “With this being the first-ever leervis I caught, I have to say, it’s the hardest fighting fish I ever reeled in. For the first 20 minutes, I thought it was a bronzie. When I saw the fish as it got closer, excitement took over,” recounted Welzig.

The fish was kept in water the whole time and after measurement and a couple of quick photos, was safely released.

Big kob were caught up north closer to the Winston. Some of the fish landed weight close to 18kg. Not a lot of fish, but quality fish were brought ashore though. Closer to Swakopmund, Diepsloep in the vicinity of the Mile 8 witklippe, delivered some monster kob too.

Swakopmunder Derrick Moolman made his way to Adri se gat and managed to catch a nice kob of 16kg. He also caught some pan-sized kob. Namibian team anglers, Emile Prinsloo, Morne Horn and Simen Anderson all tried their luck searching for some sharks when the big kob went on the bite. They quickly changed their tackle and targeted these monsters. Mile 8 is notorious for catching big sharks but that day the guys were in for a treat with some big kob reeled in. The trio caught some great fish and managed to land 5 fish over 15kg. Great fish considering they were landed close to Swakopmund.

The ski boat anglers are doing well with many snoek being landed. The snoek season is probably going to end soon so make sure to stock up on these delicious braai fish. Try some garlic butter with apricot jam on it and you should have some delicious fish to enjoy with the family and friends. The ski boat anglers trying to catch kob closer to shore had a terrible time with lots of kob being caught but almost all of them being undersized. Some big Garrick were however landed from the kayaks at the Mile 8 sandbank. Some used live bait while others were throwing lures.

The south wester is pumping nicely so hopefully the green sulphury water around Swakopmund will quickly disappear and the catches will improve quickly again.

The bicycle anglers around Swakopmund also caught some horse mackerel at the Platz am Meer mall. They used a sabiki rig which consists of a trace with 6 to 8 hooks on them with lumo beads and some feathers. The rig gets cast out just like that without bait. The horse mackerel then think it’s easy prey and fall victim to the sharp hook.

The conditions seem to be improving yet again so this upcoming week should be great.

Tight lines!