‘Green’ award for local bank

Otis Daniels_Finck
Bank Windhoek recently received a Sustainable Development Award as the best Green Financial Institution in Namibia.

The awards were hosted by the Namibian Environmental Investment Fund in partnership with the Sustainable Development Advisory Council.

In her acceptance remarks, Bank Windhoek’s Managing Director Baronice Hans said that Namibia had seen the impact of global warming and climate change on the local environment and businesses first-hand.

She stressed that the transition to a sustainable and green economy requires financing investments that provide environmental and social benefits.

“Financial services have a unique role to play in this regard, and Bank Windhoek has made a solid commitment to being a driver of sustainable development as a responsible organisation.”

The awards recognise the contributions made by Namibians in the field of sustainable development.

This year’s theme, “Accelerating the green economy and transformation in recovery from Covid-19”, also acknowledged companies, local authorities, civil society organisations, youth, media practitioners, and individuals that have demonstrated and promoted sustainable and responsible development.

The awards were first held in 2015 and again in 2017. Due to various challenges, the third edition of the awards were delayed, only taking place in May this year.