Garage owner arrested for being in possession of stolen car parts

Leandrea Louw
The owner of a garage on a property in Kuisebmond was arrested for being in possession of parts of a stolen vehicle.
The vehicle, a Polo, was stolen in a robbery in Mondesa on 26 October and then stripped for parts. What was left of the vehicle was found 9km from Walvis Bay in the vicinity of the airport.
The police said in a crime update that they had discovered the property where the stolen Polo was stripped and cut up in Kuisebmond. According to inspector Ileni Shapumba, the unit commander for community affairs in the Erongo region, the police searched the garage at a house in Kuisebmond and discovered parts of the stolen car hidden in the roof.
The two suspects implicated in the robbery, Andreas David “Gliso” and Kleopas “Vetso” are still at large. They allegedly overpowered, assaulted and robbed Dr. Sean de Jager (73) at his home. The suspects took the victim’s two cell phones, car keys and house keys before they locked him inside the house and drove away with his vehicle - a red VW Polo vivo registration no. N1198R, which was parked in front of the house.