Four suicides

Irene Van Der Walt
Four men committed suicide.

The police are investigating a suicide that occurred in Wanaheda. A man (30) used a wire and hanged himself inside a bar on the property where his room is located.

A man (46) used a wire and was found hanging from a tree in Otjiwarongo.

A man (56), believed to be a member of the Namibian Defence Force, reportedly committed suicide by shooting himself with a pistol.

The police are also investigating a suicide at Divundu after a man (36) was found dead. He allegedly hanged himself inside his girlfriend’s room. The deceased did not leave a suicide note.

A nine-year-old boy drowned while swimming in a lake just before 18:00 on Family Day at Ogongo.

A man (32) burned to death in his shack at Hakahana. A burning candle was allegedly left unattended and caused the fire.