Forbes re-elected as mayor

Changes made
Leandrea Louw
Walvis Bay • [email protected]

Trevino Forbes retained his position as the mayor of Walvis Bay and Sara Mutondoka as deputy mayor.

A couple of changes were made to the composition of the management committee. Both these involves representatives of the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC). The management committee now consists of Ryan Gordon (Landless People’s Movement), Richard Hoaeb (Popular Democratic Movement), Ronald Bramwell (Joint Walvis Bay Resident’s Association) and Leroy Victor (Independent Patriots for Change) with Olivia Andrews (Independent Patriots for Change) elected as an alternate member. Richard Hoaeb is the elected chairperson of the management committee. Previously IPC occupied all three top positions, namely mayor, deputy mayor and chairperson of the management committee. The LPM also only occupied the alternate seat of the management committee. The remaining members making up council are Ephraim Shozi, Albertina Nkoshi and Paulus Kauhondamua, all representing Swapo.

According to Forbes, the elections last year produced a new breed of politicians. “They are not concerned about self-enrichment or party politics, but have the interest of all citizens, regardless of political affiliation, at heart.” Forbes said that most councillors joined politics because they saw the need for change. “They saw the pain our people experienced on grassroots level, while top level politicians are living in luxury and empowering those close to them. It is up to us to make a change. We must have the courage to resist the pressure to make decisions because of special interests or the loudest voice. As history has taught us, sometimes even the majority is wrong. Let Walvis Bay be the city that sets the national standard for collaboration, cooperation, civility and making good decisions.” Forbes pledged to lead the council without fear or favour.

“We speak as one council because we represent our town, the people of Walvis Bay. Unity is what we are striving for, hence we are giving every party the opportunity to be also part of the management committee. This will help in shaping decision-making for the betterment of our people. We plan to rotate the members on the management committee to give everyone an equal chance to serve,” Hoaeb stated. Ephraim Shozi, representing Swapo, said that as council members they were elected for one reason: to deliver services. “This is our aim and objective; we want to speed up service delivery to our people. The strategy was simple: We wanted to break the coalition. I believe we are going to speed up service delivery by not having only one party ruling.”