Five suicides over New Year’s weekend

All by hanging
Otis Daniels_Finck
Five people took their own lives over the past weekend – all by hanging themselves, according to the police report issued on Sunday.

Benyamin Wilhelm (50) hanged himself from a mopane tree at Omukoko village in the Outapi Constituency on Old Year’s morning. He left no note. The family have been informed.

John Theophilus (44) hanged himself near the Umulunga cemetery on Old Year’s morning. He also left no note and his family have been informed.

Also on Old Year’s Day, an Angolan national was found hanging from a tree at Okongo. It is alleged he committed suicide. He was 24-years-old, and his next of kin still have to be informed.

Eddie Ortman (20) hanged himself from a tree in the backyard of his Katutura residence. His parents discovered him. He left no note.

A woman (35) hanged herself in the bathroom of her apartment at Narraville, Walvis. No foul play is suspected.