Fishing industry says no to phosphate mining

'Namibia not for sale'

10 September 2019 | Fishing

Walvis Bay · Leandrea Louw

Employees from the fishing industry, members of unions and the public marched against phosphate mining in Walvis Bay.

Reading a petition submitted on behalf of the marchers to the ministry of environment and tourism, Job Muniaro, secretary general of the Mine Workers Union of Namibia said it is evident that certain Namibians are hell bent on satisfying their love for money at the expense of sustainable management of renewable resources.

“The nation has been witnessing how the proponents of marine phosphate mining off the Namibian seabed have been hard at work to maneuver and blackmail our people, especially our leaders in order for them to be issued with an environmental clearance certificate. They are apparently attempting to bring the much needed investment through phosphate mining. This must be rejected and condemned by all Namibians from all walks of life. We are standing up to defend Namibia and her resources!”

He furthermore said that the demonstration and petition was organised to tell the leaders of Namibia, more specifically the Cabinet that phosphate mining should not be allowed.

“It is our conviction and desire to ensure that our leaders take responsible decisions that will not come back to haunt us. We denounce claims that marine phosphate mining will empower the people of Kuisebmond and Mondesa. Apart from this being a white lie, Kuisebmond and Mondesa is not Namibia. The effects of marine phosphate mining will affect the entire country and its economy.”

Muniario said that Namibia is not up for sale to the highest bidder and mentioned various reasons on the dangers of phosphate mining in the petition,

“Globally, phosphate mining has been condemned by various institutions and organisations and Namibia cannot afford to venture into something which can ultimately destroy the environment. It will not benefit our sustainable economic development in the long run. The negative impacts of phosphate mining outweighs the positives. Whatever the price, as Namibians we must rise together, march together and say no to phosphate mining. We will not stop demonstrating until a ruling against phosphate mining is given.”

Another demonstration takes place in Windhoek today.

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