Erongo Business and Tourism Expo in full swing

Highlighting trade

01 November 2019 | Events

Walvis Bay • Leandrea Louw

The 13th annual Erongo Business and Tourism Expo kicked off yesterday afternoon with the festivities continuing until Saturday.

At the official opening minister of industrialisation, trade and SME development Tjekero Tweya said that the expo should not just be a talk show but should deliver strategic outcomes in terms of taking Namibia’s industrialization to greater heights.

“As Namibians, we have a collective duty to restore the economy for it to attract foreign investors and inspire the private sector to create jobs for young people. As soon as we create these opportunities for the youth, the economy will respond positively because the youth must remain at the forefront of industrialization and development.”

Tweya said the public and private sector need to come together to have a frank conversation and set the agenda for a rapid increase in job opportunities for Namibians.

“We must be unique in attracting foreign direct investment. This can only be done if we talk and set aside our differences. We are not competing against each other, but we must share ideas on how we can excel amongst the many competitors seeking those investors.”

He said that this year’s edition of the Erongo Business and Tourism Expo brings producers, consumers and suppliers of goods and services, both domestic and foreign together, providing a business platform to create opportunities for increased sales volumes taking place and consolidating long term business linkages.

This year’s expo is celebrated under the theme promoting trade for inclusive, sustainable and equitable growth in Namibia and beyond.

“This theme has a direct connection to the status of our economy. Namibians must do all we can to become food self-sufficient, so that we reduce the import of food from other countries. If we rely on others to feed us, we are creating a serious challenge for ourselves. It does not make sense – you have land, but you are hungry and you expect someone else with less land to feed you. Rather use this land and turn it into a productive unit and produce food. If we don’t do it ourselves, who will?”

The minister said that everyone has a common interest and objective to transform the country into an industrial economy.

“This is so that all our natural resources and products must be manufactured and produced with local beneficiation to eventually export our final products to big economies such as China, India, America, Europe and Russia, with the same commitment we had as the only African country exporting Namibian beef to China and the United States of America.”

At this year’s expo exhibitors include banking services, educational institutions, insurers and retailers, a multitude of local SMEs, ministries and public enterprises and diplomatic missions accredited to Namibia.

Additionally, the Usakos Museum hosts information sessions and the popular eatery, Moonlight Resort operates a pop-up restaurant for the duration of the expo.

Those who wish to take up poultry farming, can visit the expo and have a look at the variety of chickens and geese up for sale.

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