Elderly man dies in fire

Adolf Kaure
The police in the Erongo region reported a death that occurred during a fire that destroyed nine shacks in Kuisebmond.

The regional crime investigations coordinator, chief inspector Erastus Iikuyu, identified the deceased was as Victor Namhindo (61). “Someone who was passing by house number 9 in Breemond Street, Kuisebmond on Sunday at about 02:10, heard a person screaming. She also saw smoke coming from the shack where the screams came from.”

The passer-by woke up tenants in the nearby shacks and houses. “By the time they came out, the shack was completely engulfed in flames with the deceased trapped inside.”

According to Iikuyu, people on the scene managed to kick the door open but they could not enter the shack due to the intensity of the fire and the roof had started to collapse.

The fire spread to two neighbouring shacks despite attempts to extinguish the flames by community members on the scene.