Dolphin schools continue to make waves

Leandrea Louw
Walvis Bay • [email protected]

The Dolphin schools in Walvis Bay have been a beehive of activity over the past month and currently boast with numerous achievements.

One of which is that current grade 11 learner, Nadine Willemse, was elected as head prefect and as the CEO of the Walvis Bay junior town council.

Willemse said she believes both the school and the council saw her as someone who is not afraid to stand up and be heard.

“I believe they also saw me as someone who works hard no matter how long it takes to achieve something, but most importantly, someone who listens to others and can work in a team. Being elected as the new CEO as well the head prefect, I will admit it took me by surprise and when I heard my name being called, I was over the moon. It means that people trust me enough to be elected for these roles and I certainly will do my best to fulfill these roles.”

She said in terms of juggling all the responsibility, time management has been her friend.

“I try to plan my days to ensure that I do not decrease my efforts on certain projects. I also make sure to never procrastinate.”

Regarding being CEO, she said she is going to strive to be better.

“In both my school, in my community as well as on the council, I strive to see better results. I would like to see more people socialising, cleaner areas, better school results for students and a closer community.”

Willemse advised her peers: “Push yourself to be better than you were yesterday, because you are your own competition. Do your best, forget the rest and don't stress”.

Zea Summers is the deputy head prefect, while the rest of the team consists of Xavier Croza, Tanaka Kimbini, Delano Muller, Amore Mupetami, Stefan Roux and Sunsunet van Blerk.

For the elementary school, the prefects are Lia Kafuna (head prefect), Lloyd Jansen (deputy head prefect), Kauthar Heuvel, Jo-Gea Shatika and Daniella Stauder.

Alicia Jankowitz was also announced as the dux learner.


Aside from celebrating brains and leadership, the school also recently hosted its annual beauty pageant.

Kachenje Junior Mutwa was crowned as Mr Dolphin while Sunsunet van Blerk is the new Miss Dolphin.

Miss Debutante is Amoré Mupetami, while the first princess is Te-Hora Jacobs, who also scooped the Miss Photogenic award. Second princess was Summers, while Beaulah Hochobes was crowned as Miss Personality.

Mr Personality and Mr Photogenic are Tanaka Kimbini, while first prince is Liam Allen and Stefan Roux was announced as second prince.